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Google advanced search operators are the search queries that help assess the level of work that is required by a SEO campaign and also helps in determining the competitive environment. Some of the major Google search operators include site: which provides the publisher information about the number of pages of his web page that are indexed by Google. Sometimes there are discrepancies regarding the number of pages indexed and number of pages published. This must be sorted out immediately.

There are many other Google search operators like url, link, cache, info which give the publisher the detailed information regarding the published web page. Advanced search operators are being used by most of the professional SEO’s. In order to identify duplicate content, find potential keywords and find out the crawling of the site for SEO purpose these operators are very useful. The site command also gives the clear idea regarding the terms that the competitors are targeting. These operators reduce the number of tools that were required in the past for SEO purposes.

The time elapsed after the last caching of a page by Google can be known with the help of the cache command. The frequency of crawling of a page or a website is indicated by this command. In order to look for directory categories that have been crawling recently, the cache command is useful. By taking a part of the text from a page and searching it in Google within exact quotes the duplicate content on other websites can be identified. This will provide the result of multiple pages where the content is duplicated. The command allinanchor returns the pages which contain a specific keyword as a link. Websites which uses the keyword in its title tag is returned by the command allintitle.

The command inurl has many utilities but it is most commonly used for research purposes. For finding guest blogging spots which are the examples of potential linking opportunities the use of inurl command proves to be very effective. This command can be used in the form “Search Engine Optimisation inurl: guest blogging” on any website that is SEO relevant and it will provide the required information. The link command is another very useful and efficient Google search operator. The popularity of a link plays a very vital role in ranking of a webpage. So this command is used to determine the exact number of links that a webpage has and also the number of links required for improving its rank.

There is a lot of time involved in researching information from the web. This time can be curtailed by developing search skills which reduces the time required for searching particular information. All the Google search operators are very useful for a publisher to know the quality of the web page published and the rank of it. It also provides the clear idea regarding the competitors. This information helps the publisher to compare his work with the other web pages of the same type.

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Mobile is the new darling of advertising; the new weapon in the hands of marketing gurus.  While in US, 60 percent of the people use Smartphone as per Nielson, in UK one in three household have tablet and in China, 74.5 percent of all internet users in the country access the net through mobile phones. India is not far behind when it comes to the popularity of the Smartphone. With each brand competing to give Smartphone at lowest possible cost, the marketers and advertisers are formulating new strategies for mobile marketing. Mobile marketing, which practically did not exist some years ago, is said to be the “fastest growing industry EVER!”

Initially, SMS (Short Message Service) was the only way of channelling information through mobile marketing. But with the technological advancement of mobile phones, videos, social network sites are also being used as tools of mobile marketing. So you have to make a definite strategy while you are joining the bandwagon of mobile marketing so that you do not spend money without any effect. If you are still toying with the idea whether to use mobile as a marketing tool, then here are ten reasons why you need a mobile marketing strategy.

Priority of Mobile

There has been a rapid advancement in mobile technology. Smartphone gives the option of using so many varieties of applications and yet they can be simply carried in pocket or in handbag.

No wonder people have started relying more on mobile to look for information from the internet at any place anytime. Experts predict that in the coming days, people will use desktops/laptops only for work, tablets for accessing different forms of entertainment, and smartphones for getting and sharing information.

Statistics show that mobile usage is growing 14 times faster than desktop devices. Digital analytics firm Comscore says that “there will be more people surfing the net on portable devices next year than there will be using desktop computers.”

High Speed Internet Connection – 3G and 4G

Along with technological advancement in the Smartphones, users are also now offered with better connection speed with the advent of 3G and 4G.

With super-fast 4G network, there will be more consumers who would use their mobiles to search for products/services.

So there is no other option but to make a mobile marketing strategy to tap the potential market.

Popularity of Social Networking Sites in Mobile

Use of social media in mobile phones is the new trend. People tweet, post messages in social media, and even write blogs using their Smartphones. If we consider only Facebook, two-third of its users log in to the site through the mobile phones. Hence, the advertisers are using Facebook and other social networking sites to lure the users to their product/brand or applications. These social networking sites not only help to connect to the users but these are huge database of users – for example, their likes, dislikes, interests and so on.

There have been already very good results for the Facebook based mobile ads, especially when it comes to downloading applications. Users who have seen an advertisement of an app while browsing FB in phone, quickly go to the application to install it in their mobile.

It has been reported by Facebook that in Q2 2013, “mobile accounted for 41 per cent of its total ad revenue for the quarter, ($656m) compared to 30 per cent ($375m) in Q1 2013. “ Also, one of Facebook’s partners said that “Facebook’s mobile newsfeed-based “Sponsored Stories” ads generate an impressive 1.14 per cent clickthrough rate.”

Twitter is not far behind too. People often tweet about the programs they watch on TV. The new Twitter mobile ad features promotes “dual screen phenomenon” which means that ad features can identify users who would see a particular brand’s advertisement on TV while watching the program they are tweeting about. Twitter then helps the brand to reach to the viewers with “targeted message and content.”

Video also plays an important role in mobile advertising on social media. Both Twitter and Facebook have launched Vine and Instagram respectively which allow users to shoot and share very short video clips of around 15 seconds from their mobile phones. The companies are also willing to promote their brands through video but the challenge is how to place them properly on the feeds so as to get a positive effect.

Craze for Online Shopping

Online Shopping is the new craze and it is going to stay. After all, who would not like to be delivered goods at the door step?

So it is important for companies to cater to the demand of online shopping. The webmasters need to careful about planning the websites because consumers demand a clean site which loads quickly, fits on the screen and the user do not have zoom or scroll down repeatedly to see the content.

Mobile Search Leads to Action Quickly

It has been surveyed that conversion rate of browsing to actual buying is higher in case of mobile marketing. Usually, users who do the search in mobile either do their background research before or “doing a search on the fly and are ready to buy.” They prefer options like “click to call” “click to email” or even “click to purchase” so that they can buy the product or engage with the business instantly.

Ian Bowen-Morris, CMO of Telnames aptly puts – “A simple mobile-ready contact business profile, complete with click-to-call and click-to-email links, is all today’s businesses need to capture the huge number of prospects searching online using a mobile device.”

Going Local

Some years back, Google identified that mobile marketing exposes the brand or the company to local market. As per Google, 95 percent mobile phone users look for businesses and services which are available locally.

Budget is Low

To make mobile-friendly web presence, you do not have to invest a fortune but it is within the “grasp of any scale of business”. Mobile-friendly business profiles are created quickly and can be maintained and updated easily.

Mobile Money

According to an estimate by Yankee Group, volume of mobile money transactions will reach 1 trillion dollars. Though mobile money has come into existence for quite some time, but the increasing popularity of mobile transactions, favourable regulatory environment will promote its growth.

In future, customers will be stimulated to switch to mobile money from traditional form of payment through card or cash.

Helping Your Employees to Reach the Consumers

SAP once conducted a study and found that mobile technology can enable the employees to reach their customers more easily and enables them to work from home or in the road, thus increasing the productivity.

Mobile Marketing Is Here to Stay

Investing in mobile marketing will help the companies in the long run because in the coming days, mobile transactions will only get better.

Mobile marketing is going to be the key feature for business in the future.




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In designing websites designers often commit technical mistakes that should be avoided at all costs to make the website well designed and effective. Knowing about 7 biggest technical web design errors that you should avoid will help.

Web design mistakes can be multiple but when one surfs through the web, he or she will come across only mistakes that are general and not technical in nature. However like all scientific and technical designers; web designers also commit technical mistakes. Learning about 7 biggest technical design errors and how to avoid them will certainly help designers.

Error 1 – Use of Fancy Fonts in HTML

Use of fancy font in HTML can make the contents on the site difficult reading and no viewer will like them.  Fonts should be simple and must make the reader comfortable. They should be neither too big nor too small either.

Error 2 – Opening New Browser Window for User or Resizing The Existing Ones

If for the link new browser window is opened automatically or the browser window used by the viewer is resized for the purpose, it could be fatal for the site designed. No user will like to transfer the browser control in that manner.

Error 3 – Overusing Flash

Excess use of flash will not only increase the load time but will unduly irritate the viewer. Flash should only be used when it is not possible displaying something on static page.

Error 4 – Using too much of Blinking Texts and Breaking Back Button

Blinking texts are things of the past and their use is steadily on the decline. Using them can adversely affect the quality and viewing of the website. Also if the back button is broken by opening new browser window, on many occasions the 404 error page will be displayed; a serious technical designing error.

Error 5 – Avoiding Use of Front Page and Cheap HTML Editors

Cheap HTML editors will result in poor crafting of codes and it will be incompatible with many browsers and will also develop bugs.

Error 6 – Not Making the Site Cross Browser Compatible

Since all browsers do not interpret CSS as well as other languages in uniform pattern, cross browser compatibility of website is indispensable.

Error 7 – Use of Animated GIFs

Unless required for the advertising banners, animated GIFs should be avoided in web designing. Also the designer should use ALT and TITLE attributes in respect of images.

Web designers should also avoid horizontal scrolling as they do not fit with the most used resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. This can render a flawless design with smart user-interactive features that can bring the best out of a website.




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Marketing is definitely one of the most important parts of any business. It can have direct impact on your business. Video marketing is in. It is one of the latest and effective ways of marketing. Gone are the days when video creation was a daunting task. Now, with the advent of high tech tool and systems, video creation has become easy and simple. Automated video creation is possible with the help of latest technologies and devices. Use of videos on internet has some great advantages. Apart from SEO advantages, there are positive factors attached to it. It can result into increased sales conversion.

Benefits of video marketing

There are number of benefits of video marketing. Being a businessman you must want to get online recognition. It can have positive impact on your business. Let’s have a look at the advantages of this type of marketing strategy.

  • Improving the search rank of the site – Many reputed search engines give much importance to video content. It does help in improving the rank of the site. If your business website has an article and a video about the same keyword, the chance of improving your site rank will increase. Videos have other advantages. They usually guarantee user retention and accessibility. Users prefer watching a two minute video demonstration of your service than reading a long text.
  • Easier and quicker distribution mechanism – There are many video distribution websites that allow customers to upload their videos to different sites at one time. You can add the video to many popular video-sharing websites. This will automatically help you attract more and more target customers.
  • Positive impact of video marketing – There are many popular websites that allow users to share links. Placing your own business video on some of the reputed websites increases your chances of attracting customers. People find it more interesting to share an interesting video than an article.
  • Increase Sales – There are certain products that cannot be promoted properly just in an article. For instance, camera can be displayed in a better way with the help of video marketing. Video proves to be a more effective tool in this case. There are many other products that can be flaunted effectively with this marketing tool.
  • Personalized Experience for the target consumers – With the help of video you can guide the customers to various sections of your site. They can have fabulous experience. They can feel the same excitement as they would have felt while visiting an actual store. Using great data mining, many sites are providing personalized experience (video) to the customers.
  • Automation or mechanization of video creation – Video production was a long and daunting process in the past. Lot of people and tools were used for accomplishing such type of tasks. With the help of effective technology, video creation has become simple and fast.

Video marketing is one of the best things that you can do for your business. These are some of the main reasons for which more and more people are opting for video marketing.




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The popularity of social networking sites is increasing. It has become a common place for friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Teenagers spend much time browsing through these sites. Have you ever thought of utilizing these sites for business purpose? It may seem to be a bit awkward initially. However, the idea is great. Many business personalities are trying this strategy to give a boost to their companies. There are number of social networking sites. FaceBook is one of the popular social networking website with record traffic. Originally it was designed only for making connections. It was not meant for business. That is why, profile pages were created. The profile includes your personal information, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Businessmen suddenly noticed the extreme popularity of this site. They started designing profile pages only for their businesses. Soon, the number of business profiles increased to good level. More and more business personnel are using this medium for their business and trade.

Profile pages and their criteria are limited as compared to the huge requirements for business. Visitors need to send friend request and their request are confirmed after certain time. The process becomes a bit time-consuming. Users may lose interest soon. Before you start creating a profile for your business you need to make it sure that it suits your requirement. Take decision after enough consideration.

Difference between a personal profile and a business profile

Individual profile differs drastically from business profile. Personal profile is actually very personal. It includes information related to your personal life. Using it for business is against the norms of FaceBook. It is like your own house. One needs to knock at your door before coming in. As far as business is concerned your customers may feel a bit embarrassed to wait for long to know about your company or business. They want to enter right way. No delay is expected. Creating profile in FaceBook for business may make your customers suffer this problem. There is no option for instant gratification. To make them know about your business, you need to accept their friend request. It may happen that you are offline and busy with some crucial work and some visitors are eager to have a glance at your business profile. They may send friend request, but you could not manage time for logging in. Then they have to wait. They may lose patience. It may have adverse effect on your marketing goals. The process may take more than one day. They may have chosen someone else by the time you were not accessible. In this way you will lose potential client.

However, creating a business page in FaceBook may prove to be beneficial for you. . The visitors get the opportunity to view your page straightaway. They don’t need to wait for your approval. It is really a great way to attract traffic to your page. It is wrong to think that you cannot connect with all the clients you have met after you have created a business page. You can connect with them again.




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Many businesses are seeking for online recognition. It does help them in attracting more and more target customers from far across the world. Certain things play important roles in achieving the desired acclamation when it comes to online business. Good website is definitely one of the most crucial areas where you need to pay attention. Meet all the criteria set by the search engines to allure more users into your site. Appearance does matter. Opt for an appealing website design. An effective and quality web design helps the browser to browse through the page easily and smoothly. Being a web designer you may understand the importance of proper designing of your site. Whenever you design a site you need to follow some effective guidelines. Placing the name and the logo of the website on every page can be very helpful. Make it sure that the logos are linked to the homepage of the site. Remember that these need not to be linked or connected to the current page. Creating a short and simple headline and title for each page may prove to be beneficial. Make it clear and straightforward.

Tips to design website in the best way

For designing the best website design you need to apply some effective strategies. You can improve the rank of your site in the search engine.

  • You need to do enough research about your competitors to know in what position they are. Surveying the market is another crucial step that you need to take. You can find different types of sites. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to check whether their plan is similar to yours or not. Researching about this issue helps businessmen to have a general knowledge about a professional website. It will further help them in designing a quality website.
  • After setting the purpose of your site you need to put much effort in choosing the right design for your website. Opt for the best way to feature your service and products t the users. The first thing that will attract the customers is the website design.

Design and Content Guidelines

  • Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.
  • Offer a site map to your users with links that point to the important parts of your site. If the site map has an extremely large number of links, you may want to break the site map into multiple pages.
  • Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number.
  • Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.
  • Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it.
  • Try to use text instead of images to display important names, content, or links. The Google and other search engine crawler don’t recognize text contained in images. If you must use images for textual content, consider using the “ALT” attribute to include a few words of descriptive text.
  • Make sure that your <title> elements and ALT attributes are descriptive and accurate.
  • Check for broken links and correct HTML.
  • If you decide to use dynamic pages (i.e., the URL contains a “?” character), be aware that not every search engine spider crawls dynamic pages as well as static pages. It helps to keep the parameters short and the number of them few.
  • Keep web page name/URLs very simple and keywords embedded if possible.
  • Keep website design simple with clean background and clean font.
  • Keep all useful information and links on HOME page and easily reachable from internal pages.

These tips can definitely help you in designing a fabulous website for your business.

eSign Web Services is an expert in that aspect and our team of professionals is arguably the best in this business. We can provide everything that is necessary to have an eye catching website.
For any other information regarding our web designing service, you can always contact us at the phone number mentioned above or just leave your name and email address in the free consultation form. Our team of experts will contact you at the earliest.



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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing websites for getting higher rank on search engine results for specific keywords. Search Engine Optimization can also be defined as the process of making websites more Search Engines friendly.

  • On-Page SEO
    One Page SEO is the process of optimizing the content of website to make it more Search Engine friendly. On-page or On-site SEO includes optimizing the text, images, tags, URL structure, internal links and headers etc. It is called On-page optimization because it deals with optimization of content available on website itself. For example optimizing the ALT tag of website images with proper keywords to improve the ranking of website on search engine results. In fact better SEO results in more organic traffic.
  • Off-Page SEO
    Off Page SEO is the process of optimization which do not involve website content. Off-page or Off-site optimization will held totally outside of the web pages of your website. For example creating quality backlinks for your website is one factor in Off-page SEO. It is actually the process of creating reputation of your website to show to search engines like Google. There are several important factors that can affect the Off-page SEO of any website.

To rank well in search engines for your desired keywords, On-page and Off-page SEO have to be in place. If you have better On page optimization and no one is linking to your website, your chances of getting the site ranked is very slim. On the other hand, if thousands of other sites linked to your website and you don’t have good On-page optimization, your website will definitely not rank well comparing to other competitive sites with both On-page and Off-pages SEO optimization.

Many so called SEO vendors offer different “Link Building Packages” and do not include On-page SEO as part of their service offering. They either suggest few online tools to check On-page SEO issues or offer it as an add-on service. So ask your SEO vendor whether the service include both On-page and Off-page SEO or not? If NOT, you would need to spend extra for missing SEO work.



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“Google +1” is a new social search concept, which has been very recently developed. It is a feature of Google, which allows the users to vote about a particular page. They can vote up, or vote down, as per how they have liked or disliked the page. It is very much similar to the “like” option that is so commonly used in “Facebook”, the most popular social website at present. It is not much of a hassle to the user, as it is just an extra click for them. It basically indicates how the popularity or unpopularity of that particular page, and the website overall. All the +1’s on a particular web page or a web site is summed up and shown in the Google profile. The main aim of this new feature, is to reduce the methods of certain unethical webmasters, who tries to bring websites to the top rankings of SERPS, using cunning strategies.

Does this new method of “liking” a page really disrupt the working principles of a SEO? Well, to be honest, not much. This is because, in the larger picture, SEO is less about strategies and planning, and more common sense. Thus, web site owners will have to be less strategic, and have more common sense and quality content in their websites, to make their website a success. What may happen, is that the differences may broaden between a normal search and a highly personalized search. Till now, this difference has not been much, maybe resulting in shifting of ranks only slightly. But the introduction of Google +1 may change that.

However, what Google +1 does, is to bring in user recommendations, alongside the normal algorithms that Google has, while creating rankings in user searches. Thus, if you are browsing a particular webpage, and you like it, you may show the thumbs-up to them by clicking the +1. This gives the signal to other users, that users who have previously visited that particular web page has liked it, and will give them enthusiasm to go through it. Thus, the searching becomes more personalized. As this is a new concept, it is not known how they will affect SEO. Example, the more number of +1’s a site has got, the better ranking it may have. However, a negative aspect is that if you have a whole lot of known people, you may gather a lot of likes from there! So this may show a virtual popularity of the web site to other users.

Google+1 is still in its experimental stage. Let’s see how things work out!




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Marketing and advertising plays very important role as far gaining profit in business is concerned. It can have direct impact on the reputation of the company. There are various ways of marketing. Depending on your requirements and the effectiveness, you need to make the selection. From link building to social networking, each and every strategy can be used for the benefit of your business. No matter what option you select, you need to use it in the right way. Applying these methods in wrong way may not bring any fruitful result. Many people complain of not getting any benefit after using this method of advertising. They also expressed their frustration for not getting enough traffic to their sites. It is quite obvious on their part to panic. Have they ever thought about the crux of the problem?

Tips to use social networking in the right way
Blatant advertising on these websites won’t work. You need to put subtle effort. Set the goals in a right way. The first thing that being a businessman you need to consider is increasing your presence in the online world. Back linking is a great way of attracting traffic to your site. Brand promotion can also help you in improving your business reputation.

  • Increasing your presence in the virtual world: It is, perhaps, one of the most important tasks for any businessman. More you become popular in the online world of business, more traffic you will get. Enough effort must be put to allure visitors to your site. If you are new advertising your service and products on the internet, you have to increase your presence in the online world. It is wrong to think that you can get enough traffic without much effort. Successful marketers are aware of the fact that how much important proper marketing and advertising is in improving your business reputation. Advertising in social networking websites may prove to be beneficial as these sites are known for high traffic. You can better chance of recognition through these sites. You need to design a profile that gives much information about your service and products. You can attach links to your site or sites.
  • Building backlinks: Marketing in social networking sites can be very helpful for any businessman as the search engines always track these sites. It can have positive impact on your marketing goals. Creating an interesting profile in these sites help various search engines to find your site. It can increase customers, thus boost your business. Make a profile that is rich in keyword and content. Make it sure that the keywords are related to the topic.
  • Branding yourself: No matter, what type of business you are running, small or big, you need to promote your company. Proper branding is very important. While you are promoting your business, you need to attach it to a specific topic. You can become expert and efficient on topic. Writing articles or content or positing them on these social networking websites can help many visitors to find you.

These strategies can help you in getting recognition in the online world. It can help in boosting your business to a great level.



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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the most important part when you are working online. As days are passing by with the demand and processing of the SEO, it is coming up with new ideas and features for the users. Whether you fetch any data, know about a particular topic or search for anything that you need online, SEO is there to help you out. Now SEO has changed a lot. Some of its features are:

  • SEO has aimed to put up the links of only the genuine web sites. They are trying to omit the backlinks that were present previously. Make sure you are getting natural backlinks from a diverse range of sources using variation of anchor texts.
  • Once there was a practice of copying contents and using it to other websites. The content of the website was not the factor for SEO. But now modern technologies has come into existence and Google has introduced advanced ways to check for quality content that is original and relevant to the topic. For this the people gets the best and appropriate information that they are actually searching for. Thus it has become more useful and faster to execute. As a result the user is getting faith on the websites and the products and the business that has been established online.
  • With the evolution of SEO in the new era it is showing more importance to social contents. There are many website where people post testimonials, write blogs or create content. At recent time internet has become a great platform for the social networking sites or the bloggers. Sometimes users get confused where to post their views or contents or where to search for it. For them the solution is social networking. Whether it is FaceBook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn or other site you can avail for your content very easily. SEO provides you the interface for such interaction and it is less time consuming too.
  • Apart from all this the basic strategy is to be different or unique. SEO appreciates your creativity and helps you to get more traffic and ways to attract people towards your web site. You should always concentrate or take care of your website and the growth of your business. Never compete or compare with your competitor in the market. This will be of no use. Moreover this can let your popularity fall down for negligence. So always confine within yourself and monitor the user demand and plan your strategy as per the necessity or benefit of the people. SEO is the best platform for that.

With the new era of SEO you will have to worry lesser on how to promote your business online. This is from the view of a businessman. Apart from that the users also need to get tensed or worried on how to fetch any specific data. The SEO is beside you in any hurdles that you face while working online.


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