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Perhaps the biggest steps you can take to ensure that you avoid a future penalty or to recover from a Google Penguin penalty is to address your site’s Off-Page optimization.

For years Google has been telling Webmasters that your links can’t hurt your rankings. At best, poor quality or questionable links to your website would simply be ignored. This was to prevent your competition trying to “de-optimize” your site by building a whole lot of spammy links to your site.

However, all that has changed with Penguin. For the first time in Google’s history you can be penalized by having an “over-optimized” link-network. While it’s true that a single link may not be able to harm your site – certainly the wrong mix or “pattern” of links to your site definitely can penalize or even knock your site out of the search engines.

To avoid these penalties, we highly recommend that you or your SEO provider follow the items in the following “Off-Page” SEO Optimization Checklist:

  • Produce high quality UNIQUE CONTENT
    Google always wants bloggers and website owners to provide fresh and unique content to their audience. It is strongly suggested that each article, press release, and blog that we write is unique, original, researched and information. Value of an informative content will always remain on top.
  • Publish Unique and Informational Content
    To improve the reputation of your website, the first thing that you should do is to publish unique and high quality content to less number of article submission, press release submission, blog posting etc. Each article is published on maximum 30-35 article sites, each press on 25-30 sites, and each blog on 15 sites. Using this strategy the duplicate content penalization is avoided and the built back links have extra value and will give extra strength to your keywords rankings.
  • Use target anchor text selectively
    Number of anchor text utilization type must be changed by replacing the company, business or owner name. This is much applicable in good quality business directories, but it should be followed in different SEO practices.
  • Create a diverse Link Network
    Make sure you are getting backlinks from a diverse range of sources. If you are just building links from one source then you are asking for trouble. Remember, the goal is to make sure that your link-network appears as “natural” as possible to the search engines. A diverse link network will include links from blogs, press releases, forums, Q&A sites, YouTube, and social networks like FaceBook and Twitter.

As Off-page links are much more difficult to control than On-page links – this represents a real challenge to SEOs who are stuck with existing link networks that cross Penguin’s over-optimization threshold. This is fact that SEO practices like link building, directory listing, guest posting, blog commenting, business listing, social bookmarking, social media marketing, content marketing etc can’t be changed overnight. And no one can provide fresh alternative immediately so just follow the above mentioned 4 points.




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Google has described the Penguin update as a “web spam”update. Therefore it is critical that your site follow Google’s recommendation in regard to making sure your site avoids any of the practices that Google may perceive as being used by search engine spammers. This starts with making sure you have good, relevant On-Page optimization.

Eliminate over optimization in all your page titles.
Search Engines punish sites that try to “keyword stuff” their titles with too many keywords. Check the title of each page on your website for over optimization. Change the titles of your pages to be optimized for human readers, rather than for search engines.

Create unique Title tags and Description tags for every page
Check that every page on your site has a unique title and description that clearly describes the content or purpose of the page. Google Panda update penalizes sites that have a high degree of duplicate content, and duplicate titles and descriptions can sometimes trigger this penalty.

Reevaluate your internal links.
If you have created internal links to a specific page using target keywords in your anchor text, change the anchor text of these links to include brand and generic terms. As a rule of thumb aim for 40% brand links, 40% generic links and 20% target links.

Make sure your site contains the right elements
There are a number of simple elements that Google looks for when evaluating your overall site. These include:

  • A Site Map page that helps visitors understand where to find information on your website.
  • An XML sitemap to help Google index your site effectively
  • A Robots.txt file to specify which files or directories Google should ignore when crawling your site.
  • A Privacy Policy
  • A Contact Page that includes a real-world address

Create useful links between pages on your website
The safest way to create links between pages on your site is to do it manually with a focus on helping the reader discover other relevant content. A great example of this is which has a lot of relevant keywords in each entry linked to other definitions throughout it’s site.

Optimize your site’s download speed
If your site takes too long to load, users will go elsewhere and Google will notice that visitors don’t spend much time on your site. This is a strong indicator that your site is poor quality and of poor relevance for the search terms that you’re trying to rank for. You should therefore test the performance of your site using a tool.

Create a helpful 404 page
When your server cannot find a page that your visitor is looking for you should handle this ‘404 Not Found’ error in an elegant and useful way. This could include your home page or your site map. Avoid redirecting all your 404 traffic to a single location such as your home page, as this is can be seen to be a search engine trick for which your site may be penalized.

Optimize your images for humans
For each image on your site, you should include alternative text using the alt attribute.
It is very important not to fill your alt tags with keywords. This is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and can have a negative impact on your rankings. Instead of trying to stuff keywords in your alt tags, you should take the approach of creating a brief description of the image that would help a visually impaired person using a screen reader to understand what the image depicts and how it relates to your content.

Add rel=”nofollow” to all comment links and outgoing links
Be sure to configure your content publishing software to automatically add the rel=”nofollow” attribute to all comment and outgoing links. This will prevent you from passing your reputation to other sites. More importantly, it prevents
you from being penalized for linking to sites that Google considers to be low quality or spammy.

Add a social dimension
With social media becoming more and more important, make sure that you give your visitors the opportunity to share your content with their friends and followers via FaceBook, Twitter and Google+. Social signals such as traffic, and “Likes” and “Tweets” are all positive signals to the search engines that your site is of a high quality and deserves to rank highly for a keyword phrase.

Focus on keeping people on your site
Log into your Google Analytics account and check your ‘bounce rate’ which is the percentage of users who enter your site and then leave without viewing any other pages. Pages with a high bounce rate are a signal to Google that your page is of a poor quality match for the keyword that they found your page for. Google uses this information as a factor in their search algorithm. Monitor this metric and do what you can to increase the amount of time visitors spend, and the number of pages they view on your site. Give your visitors as many reasons to stay as possible.

Check Google Webmaster Tools for ways to fix your HTML
Google Webmaster tools is a free service that Google makes available to webmasters to help them to diagnose any problems with your website that might affect Google’s ability to index and rank your site. It offers a lot of useful tools to analysis of your site and highlights simple things you should fix such as Google Bot crawling errors, missing pages, and duplicate title tags for example.

This is where eSign Web Services can help you. Our team of experts consists of professionals who are highly skilled, experienced and technically sound who can make any website reach the top rankings in a jiffy. For any other information regarding our Search engine optimization service, you can always contact us.




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Beat the Penguin Checklist Before You Begin

If you’ve been hit by Google’s dreaded Penguin update, or want to make sure you don’t get penalized in the future, then this checklist will help you to safely optimize your website, maximize your rankings, and gradually reclaim your traffic, sales and income.

Before you begin, there are two preliminary steps that are now critical to your online success.

Step 1: Analyze your link network
More than ever before it is important to understand where your backlinks are coming from and what keywords are used in the anchor text of these links.

Step 2: Monitor your rankings
If you are not already doing so, you need to track your rankings in the search engines for the main keywords you are targeting. The reason this is so important is that if you’re going to make changes to your site, you need to measure the impact of these changes.

Once you understand your link network and you are carefully monitoring your rankings for your main target keywords, you’ll be ready to apply the ideas contained in this checklist.

On Page Optimization Checklist
Google has described the Penguin update as a “web spam” update. Therefore it is critical that your site follow Google’s recommendation in regard to making sure your site avoids any of the practices that Google may perceive as being used by search engine spammers. This starts with making sure you have good, relevant On-Page optimization.

  1. Don’t Panic.
  2.  Don’t randomly delete web pages and contents.
  3.  Eliminate over optimization in all your page titles.
  4. Create unique Title tags and Description tags for every page
  5.  Check Google Webmaster Tools for ways to fix your HTML
  6.  Re-evaluate your internal links.
  7. Make sure your site contains the right elements
  8. Create useful links between pages on your website
  9. Optimize your site’s download speed
  10. Create a helpful 404 page
  11. Optimize your images for humans
  12. Add rel=”nofollow” to all comment links
  13. Add a social dimension
  14. Focus on keeping people on your site

Off Page Optimization Checklist
Perhaps the biggest steps you can take to recover from a Google Penguin penalty or to ensure that you avoid a future penalty is to address your site’s Off-Page optimization. For years Google has been telling Webmasters that your links can’t hurt your rankings. At best, poor quality or questionable links to your website would simply be ignored. This was to prevent your competition trying to “de-optimize” your site by building a whole lot of spammy links to your site. However, all that has changed with Penguin. For the first time in Google’s history you can be penalized by having an “over-optimized” link-network. While it’s true that a single link may not be able to harm your site – certainly the wrong mix or “pattern” of links to your site definitely can penalize or even knock your site out of the search engines. As off-page links are much more difficult to control than on-page links – this represents a real challenge to SEOs who are stuck with existing link networks that cross Penguin’s over optimization threshold.

To avoid these penalties, we highly recommend that you follow the items in the following “Off-Page” SEO Optimization Checklist:

  1.  Update links from sites you own
  2. Update links on sites you don’t own where possible
  3. Eliminate links from de-indexed sites
  4. Eliminate links from low quality content syndication networks
  5. Use high quality link networks to balance your link ratios
  6. Manually clean up your link network or use Google disavow tool smartly
  7. Create a diverse Link Network
  8. Check up on third-party SEO service
  9. Submit a Reconsideration Request to Google





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Are you a budding industrialist? Set up a new enterprise? Well, you got to advertise in the internet, because it is one of the greatest information centres at present, as also being used by millions of people all over the world. But what should be your marketing polices over the net? How can you make your website stand out among the rest? How can you achieve top rankings in all popular search engines including Google and yahoo? How should you expand your business and make millions of people all over the world sit up and notice? SEO is your answer!

It is widely known and accepted, that if you want your website to be there in the top SERPS, then the use of SEO is a must. If you want to grow big in this highly competitive marketing world, you have got to use the best techniques, and “optimize” your website. The more the number of people visiting your website, the more revenue your company gets. The most popular search engines today, like Google or Yahoo, contribute a lot to local businesses, with high quality marketing and business tools. SEO helps to increase the rankings of your website in these search engines. These search engines even have their own pages having business sign-ups, where your company needs to provide its business details like name, contact numbers, addresses, services provided, etc. Then, when these local searches are given, these search engines goes through these details, and gives results, ranking them on how closely your web site is related to the local search. Thus, these local listings form an important part of your marketing.


SEO also spreads the popularity of your website, by spreading the information in other local web sites, as many of the online marketers are availing local web sites all across the globe. SEO also helps in propagating your business interests, by creating links and using proper keywords and their correct location in your content, as also maintaining optimum keyword density. Thus it is very important to use the correct and precise terms in your website, so that they correspond to the local searches, and directs a large percentage of useful traffic to your web site.

SEO also goes a long way to reduce competition with other rivals in the industry.

Local SEM services form a vital part of your marketing strategy. Advertising campaigns based mainly through the internet, is one of the most important steps in local SEM services. The companies usually lay emphasis on local business listings when working with these SEM services. Search engines like Google and Yahoo now themselves provide users with a large number of such SEM services, like AdWords, Google Maps, etc. Based on your marketing strategies and the type of business you are involved in, these local SEM services and plans needs to be decided.

Even though more online businesses and regular bricks and mortar businesses continue to incorporate local SEO marketing strategies, it is still not used to the extent that the general type of search engine optimization is employed. Even if every single online home based business in your particular are was competing against you, there would still be less competition than usual with general SEO. It is still absolutely essential that you check not only the amount of online businesses you are competing against, but also the kind of search engine optimization tactics they are using. You will probably find that over the last couple of years many of them will be involved in local SEO marketing as well. The key to success here is to research the top few competitors and ensure that your SEO strategies are more effective than theirs if you want to not only compete against them but beat them.

Local Search Engine Marketing

Another reason to be involved with local search engine optimization is that it can very often produce considerably higher conversions, which could be in the form of newsletter subscriptions, direct sales or the possibility of having people calls you directly depending on the nature of your online business. There are a few different reasons for this, the main one being that you will be generating hyper-targeted traffic, which in effect means that they are actively looking for the type of product or service that you are offering and also that they are searching in your specific geographic area. The majority of people who search locally want solutions that will immediately solve their specific problems, and if you can get their attention and give them what they are searching for, they will be very happy to take advantage of what you are offering.




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Do you think that online presence of your company won’t give your business any volume or profit? Or it won’t bring much difference to your trade. Or are you that kind who believes that investing of online profile is a waste of time and money? Then I must say that you need to update your thought towards modernization and to gear up your trade. Making online profile of your business would only benefit you in all sense as it opens up various opportunities. Getting large number of sellers and buyers in a very short span of time is very normal, and this also gives a great boost to the growth of your business and you can easily get that with the help of Google Analytics.

To make the online presence of your company profile dominating, the first step that you need to take is to choose the correct professional services and that you can get in Google Analytics. If you do compromises in selecting the right kind of services for your online development then you will face negative consequences while developing your website, because there are lots of competitions going around in the web developing market hence you need to be in front of the queue. But if you do not work upon the development of your website then expecting a huge return from it would be baseless.

By hiring Google Analytics that have been operational in this field from a long time and have been working lucratively for years now, it becomes more probable for you to get fruitful result in a short period of time. Apart from getting a beneficial result you also get the guarantee of services from the professional agency. Thus, your efforts to hoard money by appointing petite website development organization will never be triumphant.

Keeping an updated website is the utmost need of the trade, and if you are appointing an Google Analytics for the development and maintenances of your website then you would definitely run in the front of the queue. Designing and updating your website is of course not what you do as it requires proper knowledge and skills which only a techie has. Updating the website is very important as the online world changes in every second hence this job should be done with utmost concentration and care. Such care and importance is not seen much in small organizations and firms and it involves investment which usually small companies do in very little amount in the beginning.

There are loads of companies and agencies that have been working on this business since a long time and they offer various packages and services to budding web developing companies. They have all the equipments and strategies set to give to the upcoming companies according to their needs and expectations, and these agencies also have a good success rate in increasing the client base and rise of the online users of your business.

While hiring Google Analytics to develop and maintain your online profile do not only look at the price they are quoting but also look at the detail of the agency, their history, their services and many more stuff.




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What is a brand?

Your brand – whether you are an entrepreneur or corporation – is the characteristic that distinguishes you from the others. It is the feature which consumer recognizes for certain service or product. Logo, slogan, design, name – anything can be marketed to make the business organization easily recognizable.

Branding is the way to build the image or reputation of the organization. Branding is important for business because it gives you an edge over your competitors. Your brand signifies your product and service and it is a necessity in today’s cut-throat competition to establish a brand value among the consumers.

Before you start working on different channels for branding your business, you need to question– What is the image you want to etch on the minds of your customer? What are the core values that your business represents? Once you have the answers, you should now go ahead for branding business.

5 Important Tips to Start Branding Your Business Online


Websites are necessary even for the small businesses having local target audience. It is important to communicate proper information about your product/service to the customers. Your target audience should have an idea about it from the domain name itself.

A fitting domain name, high-quality design and content, proper navigation, good search optimization could help you get the right kind of traffic and help in the branding of business.

Social Media

Social media is an important tool to build relationship with the customer. It is imperative now to build profiles in different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter through which you can keep in direct touch with your customers. You are giving your company a voice and “have an opportunity in each and every correspondence to reiterate your brand.”

Also, most of these sites have authoritative domain names and have high ranks for relevant keywords. If there is an active profile in such sites, your profile can be displayed easily when people try to find you or your product/service.


People have realized the importance of content marketing to increase their brand value. It is also a good way to counterattack the negative reviews and make a presence in online marketing.

One can have a blog for their business. Also, regularly contribute to authoritative blogs in your niche.

Stay Visible

One of the effective branding strategies is to keep oneself visible consistently.

Regular posting in social media, contribution in blogs will help in making your brand popular. Build relationship with sources which provide brand reviews. Sometimes, one might have to pay to get coverage but many of the times, you can get good reviews in authoritative sources on the basis of networking.

Quality Product and Service

No matter how much you promote your brand online or offline, it has to be backed up by good quality product and services to the customers. If your product or service is not exceptional, negative reviews will spread in the market and it will decrease your brand value.

Thus, branding your business can create the difference between success and failure – it is important to concentrate on branding to run a successful business.




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You may have an attractive website, with nice and unique content with the latest technology. Now here is the most strategic part, as far as online business marketing is concerned – choosing the correct SEO services or firms to “optimize” your website, and achieve top rankings in local searches. There are thousands and thousands of different firms, claiming that they have their own field of expertise in this area, promising to submit optimum link building, articles as well as directories. So, which should you choose?

It is widely known, that the main goal of these SEO firms is to achieve top rankings in all popular search engines like Google or Yahoo, as also directing a high amount of useful traffic towards your web site. Most SEO firms, what they do, is create a large number of useless links from your website, so as to achieve these top rankings, because the links in your web site goes a long way to determine your rankings in all local  keyword SERPS. The relatively new feature of Google – LSI, has already started to scratch out such useless weak links and other link farms. You should go for the SEO firm/team who offers complete SEO service following Google guidelines:

  1. On-page SEO changes – On-page SEO changes are implemented on web pages to make website more search engine friendly that helps off-page SEO process so speed up the search engine results
  2. Off-page SEO (Link Building) – Off-page SEO work is also called incoming link building process. This is very important part of SEO and should be taken care very carefully.

The SEO firm you choose should provide you with complete SEO services. However, it should be kept in mind that these SEO firms should not create huge number of links, just because they are the top priorities in the search engines. Each article or directory submission should be very carefully looked into and researched properly using the latest techniques and technologies, so as to make your website attractive with a lot of unique content.

Some factors that good quality SEO firms keep in mind while “optimizing” a web site are:

  • They should design the web site in a manner which makes the effects permanent. That is, even if the marketing campaign is stopped, the long term benefits are still there.
  • One of the main advantages of SEO over PPC is that it is less expensive, with no recurring costs. Thus, it has to be kept in mind that the company is only billed once, and that too in a reasonable range.
  • They should also provide good quality links to PR web sites, which results in high rankings in these local keyword SERPS

Thus, choose your SEO firms wisely, with proper research. Make it big.




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Nowadays, WordPress has become the most popular platform for blogging. If you have created your WordPress blog and is wondering how to get good traffic to your site, then here is the answer- Use Plugins! Plugin is the component for extra-functionality of the self-hosted sites like WordPress.

But always remember – Do not use too many plugins. More than 15 plugins will slow down your site and will drive away the visitors. Choosing the right plugin is the secret. Here are 5 plugins that are must for any WordPress blog.

  1. There should be an anti-spam plugin in every blog. If your blog is bombarded with spam comments, it is harmful for search engine optimization as well as for the blog. Akismet is the best plugin in this category. It is available with every WordPress installation, but you have to activate it through a API key that you can get from its official website. Akismet automatically puts the spam comments in the junk folder, places some of them into moderation if it is not sure and let the proper comments filter through it.
  2. One plugin is needed to help in search engine optimization of the blog. The higher rank your blog gets in search engine, the more traffic you will get.
    For this purpose, you can use All in One SEO Pack. It is easier to set up, generates meta tags and optimizes titles automatically, and there are many more other features. A new user can just install it and it will do its job. Advanced users can fine-tune everything.
    There are other plugins like WordPress SEO which do the same work. Make your choice. Do not use two plugins for same functionality.
  3. To load the blog quickly, a caching plugin is necessary. When a visitor tries to see a page of your blog, it might take some time for every tag, code, plug-in, image to load. To avoid it, a caching plugin is to be installed so that it stores the cached version of the dynamic PHP pages periodically and when people land on your page, it shows up the “last picture” it took. One little problem that might occur is that if there is change, then the changes will be visible on the site after some minutes when the plug-in will detect it. Popular caching plug-in is WP Super Cache. It is easy to install and serves the purpose. There is W3 Total Cache, having more features and functionality but it is heavier and might seem difficult to someone with less technical knowledge.
  4. Give the people an option to send you mail directly from your WordPress blog. They will love it and you will get better feedback and make more contacts. Contact Form 7 is a great plug-in to create the contact form. It is light, can be customized, and you can insert CAPTCHA to prevent bots from submitting the form.
  5. XML sitemap is now very critical for SEO, Google XML Sitemap – This plugin for WordPress will automatically generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog.



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Outsourcing your business’s SEO is a leap of faith – you’re spending valuable marketing dollars on a project and need to show the return on that investment. That’s why many marketers are tempted by firms that guarantee top rankings or specific traffic increases, or claim they’ll improve your position in as little as 30 days.

But beware of firms that make these kinds of promises. The fact is, reputable SEO firms don’t offer guaranteed #1 rankings, fast results, or any other promises that sound too good to be true.

Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEO software company SEOMoz, cites several reasons why guarantees are typically used by shady SEO firms, including:

  • Google warns against making such promises in its search marketing guidelines, saying, “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.”
  • Search rankings are notoriously unstable, and subject to a variety of factors such as the location of the person searching and whether they’ve logged in to Google and are using personalized results.
  • Rankings alone are a bad metric for overall performance. It’s more important that the search results drive relevant visitors that take a desired action – such as signing up for an email newsletter or making a purchase – once they land on your page.

Claims about rapid improvements in search engine rankings are similarly dubious. SEO is not a quick-fix marketing tactic to deliver results in a matter of hours or days. Instead, it typically takes a diligent, ongoing process that gradually improves your site’s rankings.

A good SEO project can take two to three months to begin showing a real impact, depending on a number of factors such as the age of your site, the number of quality inbound links you already have, and the competitiveness of keywords.

Anyone promising you big-time results in just a month is probably overpromising or worse: They could be using shady SEO tactics that might deliver a quick bump at the expense of long-term search engine visibility.




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You might be doing everything correct to make one website successful – choosing right keywords, making proper design, putting new content, and so on. But still you are finding difficult to get your site top rank. This is probably because your competitors are way ahead of you in their job. Like any other business, it is important to keep an eye over the competitors in the world of SEOs.

Define Your Competitors

In SEO competitor analysis, first you have to know your competitors. In some cases, it is easier to identify the competitor – any website promoting the same product or service like your website is the competitor. But everything is not always so straightforward.

Your competitors could be the websites having high page ranks with the major keywords you use, sites of your niche etc. Keyword analysis is an important tool for SEO competitor analysis.

For keyword analysis, you can take help of Google adwords or Soovle. Soovle is a website that brings up result of “Suggest” function of multiple search engines.

In Google adwords, use the keyword tool, but ensure the “match type” criteria on the left hand side to be “exact”. Enter your keywords and write down the “Global Monthly searches” for each result. It will indicate the popularity of your keyword. But your main aim is to find the number of pages optimized for those keywords. For each keyword, do a Google search using the allintitle tag. For example – type allintitle: Christmas cookies. The result will show pages in which the phrase is used in the title.

Analysis of the Competitors’ Website

Once the competitors are identified, the next phase of SEO competitor analysis is the study of the website. You have to closely analyse several factors like –

  • Design
  • Content
  • Link Distribution
  • Use of keywords
  • Anchor text and metatags
  • Indexed pages
  • Traffic in every page
  • Marketing strategy and presence in social media

Always keep updated yourself about the modification of keywords, bakclinks, flow of traffic, advertisements in your competitor’s website. Also from SEO competitor analysis perspective, it is important to know the latest promotion of the competitor brand in social media.

Nowadays, several tools are available to do the work for you. Here is a list of some tools –

  • HTTrack – Use this site to host your competitor’s site locally on your machine and use it as reference. For comparison of two old copies, use the tool quickdff.
  • Quantcast – It is used to view historic rankings data to see how you and your competitor are doing. Other tools to serve this purpose are Searchmetrics, Compete, SEMRush, Alexa.
  •, TalkWalker Alerts or webkit2png – These tools allow in keeping vigil over the keywords of the competitor’s website.
  • Newsle, Social Mention, IceRocket –These tools enable one to know about the presence of the competing brand in different social media.
  • OpenSiteExplore Compare Pages is used to compare backlinks and domains. LinkAlert is another tool worth mentioning.
  • Zoomrank, Authority Labs do ranking analysis of websites.

SEO competitor analysis is a never ending activity which makes you aware of the latest developments of your competitor and helps to improvise your search engine optimization process.

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