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Keyword research is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful search engine optimization and marketing campaign. Proper keyword research and selection helps establish an effective foundation for most of your online marketing efforts. The keywords you choose will power your search engine optimization, sponsored ad campaigns, link building campaigns, press releases and more. Before you begin any of these marketing efforts you must have already determined what core terms your site will be built upon and what keywords will fuel your online marketing efforts.

Keyword research should be the first step in any process that involves optimizing and marketing your website through the search engines. I would say keyword research is the most important part of the process, yet often one that is glossed over as either largely unimportant, or not important enough to spend enough time doing effectively.

Many site owners get caught up in the belief that if they just achieve any #1 ranking then visitors will begin flocking to their site. This may be true if your #1 ranked search term is actively searched and is relevant to your site or page which it leads to. If not—if you don’t research your keywords properly—all the top rankings in the world won’t drive or keep the best visitors to your site. In regards to getting and maintaining top listings, keep this in mind: all search terms are not created equal.

You’ll want to note that there is a big difference between a marketing campaign that delivers a lot of traffic to your site and one that delivers relevant traffic to your site. More often than not, sites that generate smaller amounts of targeted traffic see a better return on investment than sites that generate larger amounts of untargeted traffic.

Identifying and selecting the correct keyword phrases to optimize and promote your site with is important, time consuming and sometimes it’s even difficult. Many people often get hung up on the wrong keywords based on incomplete data or not thinking through each keyword carefully. If keyword research is not performed with the correct focus in the correct areas you may find you have a whole mess of phrases to target but no clear picture on the value of those phrases or their ability to drive targeted traffic.




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Keyword list is a list of significant and descriptive words that will be used to render the content to users in searches. The words should be similar to the theme of a web site and should be easily integrated in the web site content. Keywords are mental images linked to what lies in the heart of your customer. Keyword selection is based on consumer persuasive research.

The first step of any SEO campaign is ‘Keyword Research’ i.e. determining and short-listing the most relevant keywords to the product/service. Selecting the right keywords will make or break your search engine optimization campaign. The keywords you choose for your SEO campaign are such an integral element of your SEO strategy and when it is well executed, it will access your targeted audience and drive traffic to your website tenfold. To generate maximum ROI from online marketing campaign, careful selection and focused efforts on specific keywords is very important.

Keyword selection mainly depends on the theme of website, your target audience, which search engine they are likely to use and finally what keywords they might use to find your product or service. Keyword finalizing strategy includes:

  • Keyword Phrase Popularity: 
    Visitors who are searching for information use many different keywords to fetch the information. Therefore it is important for SEO to select the most popular keywords amongst users. To research and shortlist these keywords is the primary task of an SEO and the first step is to come up with keywords about your web site and their popularity.
  • Keyword Competition Analysis:
    Competition analysis is necessary at every stage in SEO campaigns right from keyword research stage. It gives insight to what strategies your competitor is adopting and why he is ranking high on those keywords.
  • Marketing Relevance:
    Providing the most beneficial information is the primary purpose behind creating a web site. But the ultimate goal is final sales! While selecting keywords for SEO campaigns, the basic criterion is to choose the most relevant keywords to the site. The belief behind doing it is to drive lots of traffic, which will ultimately convert into sales.

There are many tools available to generate keywords, known as keyword suggestion tools. The most commonly used keyword suggestion tools are Wordtracker, Yahoo and Google suggest. The keyword suggestion tool helps to choose relevant and popular terms related to your selected key terms.

When you follow the above points you’ll get a very quality selection of keywords for your SEO campaign. These are the step we follow for keyword selection. At eSign Web Services, we help website owners to select the best keywords for SEO campaign considering keyword research and selection is very important for SEO campaign.




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There is no straight forward response to this query which has been flooded recently in various SEO chat forums. Even the response from Google’s Matt Cutt seemed quite vague. He mentioned quite a few number of times that having a large website with a lot of web pages doesn’t directly affect the PageRank but it helps the SEO professionals to leverage the SEO techniques and target for more keywords than they would with smaller websites.

This means your PageRank doesn’t have any direct relationship with websites having a large number of pages. The most important factor is to focus on optimizing each page of your website properly for search engines. As Google has been emphasizing on content for last few years, a smaller website with high quality original and fresh content could easiy have a higher PageRank than a large website with irrelevant or duplicate content.

So, at the end of the day if you are focused on creating lot of web pages on your website without optimizing each of the pages and having original content in it, your effort will be in vain. Rather you can work on improving the search engine ranking with an appropriate keywords analysis, sparingly using your keyword over the content maintaining the keyword density and search engine friendly website design for easy user navigation, crawling and indexing.




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Just like the good location for the brick and concrete enterprises, a good domain name is vital for any website. While there are many characteristics that constitute a good domain name, there are at least five that are vital to make them.

A domain name is vital for any website just as the proper site is vital for the brick and concrete enterprises. A domain name is the real estate of the web world. Here are the top 5 elements that make a domain name qualitative and effective.

Characteristic 1 – Short Names that Can Be Easily Remembered

If the domain name is short it can be easily remembered and identified by the visitors. That is one of the reasons why one cannot find 3 letter and 4 letter domain names available anymore and even the five letter domain names are not available frequently. There is no reason to lose heart however and a domain name below 10 letters are still considered to be short and good to remember.

Characteristic 2 – Domain Names Carrying Popular Extensions

Domain names should carry one of the popular extensions like com, org, edu etc that makes them easier to identify and remember. On the other hand, having numbers or special characters in extensions make it difficult for the viewers to identify them and therefore hyphens and symbols are not welcome.

Characteristic 3 – Domain Name Should be Easy to Spell

All good domain names with easier spelling make familiar to the viewers. Difficult spelling could often result in errors committed by viewer in typing the domain name and they might land on other domain thereby causing traffic loss for your website.

Characteristic 4 – Domain Name Should be Descriptive

It is necessary that the domain name selected for the website is descriptive in nature. Various advantages of descriptive domain names is that it will give the viewer a clear idea of what you are up to and at the same time will give the search engines easier time finding the site. For localized sites, the extension may also be descriptive like dot+co+uk ( and such others.

Characteristic 5 – Domain Name Containing Keyword Not Name

Choosing keyword in your domain help in enhancing your search engine rankings as search engine crawlers give maximum weightage if you have your targeted keyword in the domain name.

The above lists of characteristics are not exhaustive and are only suggestive but they constitute the top characteristics of good domain names.



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There are two ways to improve your search rankings. Natural (organic) search engine optimization (SEO) and paid placement (PPC).

Paid placement is also exactly what it says – you pay, you get placed.  Pay per Click is a unique way of your company’s advertisement on the internet. It involves payment by the advertisers to your company, for every click by an user. The advertisements appear on the borders of the website that is on top and sides. Hence, they appear right in front of the users who are going through your website and want to be a customer to your company. Also, you can fix your budget and set to work! But you have to keep in mind, that this marketing strategy may become quite a bit expensive, especially in competitive markets.

Organic SEO or Search Engine Optimization is another form of marketing strategy online, which “optimizes” the website that you have created, so that it comes up in the searches provided by users, in popular recognized search engines like Google or Yahoo. SEO can make your web site achieve top rankings in these searches, thus making your web site more popular, and being viewed and used by a lot of users. Another real good thing about SEO, Is that it is completely free, unless you are inexperienced and want to hire a SEO firm to do the work for you.

If you have set up a business and designed an attractive website for it. Now which internet marketing policy should you follow out of the two above? Here are some guidelines for you:

  • SEO takes a longer time than PPC to start the rankings, even if you have the best possible techniques. However, once it’s started, then it’s really good. PPC on the other hand, is almost instant. It starts coming up on your webpage very fast.
  • SEO is free (unless u r hiring SEO companies or firms to do the work for you), whereas PPC involves cost (as the name itself suggests – Pay Per Click). Especially in competitive industries, PPC may become quite expensive! On the other hand, if you are using SEO yourself, then you have a real lot to learn, as it is always changing.
  • SEO is highly competitive, more so in big industries and some keywords.
  • However, one very important advantage of SEO over PPC is that for PPC, once your marketing campaigns are over, that is once you stop “paying per click”, then its over for good. That is, there are no benefits in the long run. However, if you are using SEO, then the results lasts long, and you may get these benefits even after you stop your marketing campaigns, depending upon how successful you were!

Thus, as you see, there are no strict rules that you should use this or that. If one has some advantages in a particular field, then the other may be more worth it in some other area.

  • PPC listings look like ads and are purposely placed away and apart for the natural search listings.  Most people (over 80%) dislike ads and refuse to click on them.  They only look at “unbiased” relevant sites that are perceived as more trustworthy.  That means that no matter how much you pay, the majority of customers ignore you.
  • PPC results and traffic are instant but it is too expensive to afford by small and medium size businesses/firms. You need to pay per click so if your bid for any keyword is $10 and your ad gets 100 clicks, you need to pay $1000 no matter website generates sale or not for you.
  • Organic SEO takes time but once your website achieves first page organic search engines listings, website will start getting relevant and enough traffic that will be for long term even after SEO work is stopped or paused for some time.

You need to use your common sense and your own marketing senses to choose which one would be more suitable for your business enterprise. You can also try out both in the initial stages if you are confused, and then make your choice, depending on which is producing better results. Choose wisely! 



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Everything these days includes a reference to the Internet also. Social networking, information assembling, commercial undertakings and amusement are some of thee features of existence that are reproduces on the web. There’re websites committed to every one of such issues.

Internet marketing has at the present turned into a recognized money-making internet business, and it consists of quite a few jobs on the internet such as putting up website having in mind definite products and website advertising. Furthermore while talking on website advertising internet marketers recognize link building to be among the most effectual means of carrying it out. Actually there’re companies that present website advertising services. In this article, we are going to talk about the significant things that you require knowing on link building – The thing that it and the reason for its significance.

Link Building – What is it?

The primary thing you require knowing to be aware of this SEO method in detail is being familiar with its definition. It’s actually a universal phrase including everything that’s done in building functional links of your website. It is able to be accomplished by blogging, URL directories, forum posting and remarks, or submitting editorials. It’s a method of generating links starting from other websites and leading to your individual website. And it’s the most excellent method of adding to your website’s visibility or acceptability to search engines and in addition to develop your website’s ranking.

The significance of Link building

What’s the reason for doing it and the benefits that you are able to get from it? First, it is able to add to sells because it is going to aid produce elevated traffic from important websites. High traffic implies to a lot of views/ visitors. Next, on your website having inward links of superior quality, it is going to be regarded to be an important basis by search engines as well as visitors ensuing in high ranking and additional visitors. Third, it aids in making ‘web presence’ of your website because it generates additional visibility. Furthermore with it being more visible by many websites, it is considered to be a more believable/dependable basis by search engines and onlookers. And in conclusion, apart from providing widespread search engine publicity to your website, it in addition aids your website getting listed by search engines.

So essentially, the accomplishment of your website regarding ranking as well as traffic depends on efficient links starting from other websites which direct to your personal website. These days, there’re already quite a few corporations devoted to trading links or carrying out the service of constructing the links on your behalf. Yes, it is going to charge you, but it’s certainly worth the expenditure. There’re diverse advertising tools that are able to assist in making the process of building links more simple. But it’s even then best to get aid of companies that are committed to these sorts of website advertising.




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It is quite difficult to select a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Vendor. One of the  main reasons is because each vendor has different service offering and quite often it’s like comparing apples with oranges.

This blog post will offer you tips on some crucial aspects of Search Engine Optimization and helps understand how you can compare services of different vendors.

After reading this blog post you can ask the right questions to SEO vendors and their answers will help you select a vendor who matches your needs.

The following topics will be covered:

  • How to shortlist SEO companies.
  • 10 tips on comparing SEO vendors.
  • Conclusion

Section I: How to shortlist SEO companies.
You should ideally shortlist 3 to 5 vendors (by looking at the information available on their website). However if you have more time, you can expand this list to cover 10 vendors. Make sure to have at least one local company in the shortlist. Although we believe that geographical boundaries are not a limitation to successful SEO.

Section II: 10 Tips to compare a SEO Vendor
Once you have short listed these companies, start using the tips given below to finalize a vendor.

Tip 1:– Check if the vendor provides both ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE SEO?

Tip 2:– Confirm who will make SEO changes to your website? You or the SEO vendor?

Tip 3:– Does the link building service cover Press Release Distribution?

Tip 4:– Check if the vendor provides Web 2.0 and/or Social Media Optimization?

Tip 5:– Ask if your website will be optimized for Local search?

Tip 6:– Request a few case studies and references

Tip 7:– Request few sample reports and ask them what is their reporting frequency?

Tip 8:– Check how much time (or man hours) they will spend on your project?

Tip 9:– Clarify what kind of customer support you will get.

Tip 10:– Negotiating Payment Terms / Frequency and Discounts?

Section III: Conclusion
Hope this helps you in comparing a good SEO vendor. For any other information regarding our Search engine optimization service, you can always contact us or just leave your name and email address in the free consultation form. Our team of experts will contact you at the earliest.

If you have any comments or feedback about this blog post, do write to us on

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