B2B SEO Services: Generate High Quality Leads & Sales

With convergence and a high influx of new internet users, businesses have ramped up their SEO game all across the world. However, this has rendered many companies in questionable situations as well.

This is because most companies desperately invested in whatever they found at their disposal. But a big part of search engine optimization is understanding the kind of business one is trying to optimize. Hence, if you own a business-to-business company, you need to find the right kind of B2B SEO services to ensure better leads and improved sales online.

What do B2B SEO Services Mean?

The B2B SEO service is the process of optimizing your B2B website to improve the organic search engine listing and web traffic. These approaches are explicitly curated for business-to-business companies and ensure their content reaches the decision-makers of other companies. And you can consider your B2B SEO successful if companies voluntarily contact you to get your products or services.

It has become a necessity in the present day and age because more than half of all visitors to B2B and B2C sites are generated through organic search. Also, according to BrightEdge, on average, the organic search share of online traffic has increased to 53.3%.

Like any other optimization plan, you can divide B2B search engine optimization into four parts, namely:

You can categorize every tactic or technique used to optimize your B2B site under these four divisions. While many companies try to apply these approaches themselves, it is seen that availing of professional B2B SEO services is significantly more beneficial.

How SEO Helps B2B Businesses

Even though there are many ways of developing a B2B marketing strategy, none of them would matter if there isn’t a strong SEO plan backing it up. So here are a few ways optimization helps a B2B company generate much-needed quality organic leads and sales.

1. Builds a Strong Buyer Persona

Be it a general customer base or other companies; everyone appreciates a business that recognizes them and their problems. SEO for B2B helps you provide that recognition to your potential clients by identifying them and creating a robust buyer persona. Another aspect of establishing a buyer persona is understanding what your target audience is searching for online.

Some techniques professionals use to frame an accurate person are:

  • Conducting Persona Workshops
    This helps them get a clear idea of your targeted demographic, their goals, issues that concern them, things that they are most interested in, etc.
  • Use Platforms for Persona Insights
    Platforms like Quora, Reddit, etc., are widely famous for people discussing topics in the form of queries or threads. Therefore, a B2B SEO agency would actively browse these platforms using keywords relevant to your business and find people’s discussions related to that.

B2B Persona Insights

A big advantage of opting for professional assistance is that agencies bring a fresh approach and the expertise to personify ideas.

2. Improves Your Site’s Content Quality

Unlike general consumers, a B2B buyer succumbs to impulse purchases and would willingly conduct thorough homework before every purchase. However, you can convince them to select you with the help of appropriate content.

In fact, about 62% of B2B customers admitted that they could decide on their purchase selection criteria just based on digital content. Furthermore, 77% of buyers stated that their recent purchase was complex and challenging. Hence, if you can smoothly communicate the importance of purchasing from you, consumers are more likely to comply with it.

Improves Your Site’s Content Quality

Services from a B2B SEO company give your site a competitive edge as it makes your content unique and challenging to replace in the market. Professionals would use the latest ad relevant data, present opinions of industry leaders, publish market expert blogs, etc.

Such approaches will help your site gain your audience’s trust, build a stronger relationship and effectively convert them into customers.

3. Creates a Network of Internal and External Links

As per Search Engine Journal, links still play a big part when it comes to improving organic ranking on Google SERPs. However, about 91% of pages existing in the WWW never get any organic influx of traffic from Google. This is primarily due to the lack of backlinks. As a matter of fact, more than 55% of pages do not even have a single backlink on them.

So, incorporating relevant backlinks already puts your website ahead of many in the market. And strong support of internal links helps your channel your traffic to the right pages on your site.

Creates a Network of Internal and External Links

Hence, experts providing B2B SEO services put particular emphasis while creating content as it is the driving force behind fetching proper backlinking. They would frame blogs and articles that provide value to their readers, making other sites link it in their content.

On the other hand, internal linking is a great way of improving the technical aspects of SEO for B2B companies. In addition, from a site architectural standpoint, it makes it easier for customers to navigate, improving their overall user experience.

4. Develops Attractive Landing Pages

Your website’s landing pages are gateways to lead sales, making them an invaluable aspect of your business. As per HubSpot, the least popular type of form is landing pages, but they have the highest conversion rate. Thus, you must publish accurately optimized pages that would drive the traffic into making a purchase.

Some practical B2B SEO solutions to create effective landing pages are:

  • Writing attractive headlines with POWER words.
  • A-B testing the copy, its headline, CTAs, and other buttons.
  • Primarily highlighting the benefits of your product.
  • Ensuring the form isn’t unnecessarily long.

Getting professional assistance to apply these solutions on your landing pages would ensure they benefit your B2B business. Understand that these pages are the perfect place to blatantly promote what you offer, and experts know how to do that with perfection.

Develops Attractive Landing Pages

Benefits of B2B Services

You might be capable of conducting business-to-business SEO on your own; there are multiple reasons why you should consider professional aid. Here are certain benefits of hiring professional assistance:

1. Experience Backed B2B SEO Strategy

SEO service providers do not base their strategies just on the immediate trends that are currently going around. Instead, they use their years of experience to anticipate probable trend shifts and create strategies that would not lose their relevance even in the future.

2. Access to Professional Software

It is observed that businesses that use optimization tools to optimize the landing pages witness a conversion lift of about 30% on average. A B2B SEO consultant would have access to an array of such tools and use them while optimizing your B2B website.

3. More Time to Concentrate on the Business

As professionals take the mantle of developing and executing an SEO campaign for your B2B website, you can concentrate on your business. Utilize the time to strengthen the other essential aspects and provide your customers with something they would revisit your site for.

The world around us is changing at an incredible pace, and the online market is where you can hone your customer base. Hence, it is crucial that you actively invest in developing your B2B website.


Since your buyers are business owners themselves, the usual tactics and simple visibility wouldn’t work for them. Instead, they seek value and convenience, and you need to offer that if you want to make organic sales. B2B SEO services help you achieve that and drive the right kind of leads to your pages. So, if you’re going to generate leads and sales through search, hiring professional aid is inevitable.

Ashwani has been actively involved in SEO services since 2005. His expertise and distinctive work approaches have made him one of the most experienced and trusted SEO experts in the industry. He is a certified SEO and Google Ads professional. He also has strong business development skills in advanced SEO, PPC, and digital marketing strategies.


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