Facts About Advanced Google Search Operators

Google advanced search operators are the search queries that help assess the level of work that is required by a SEO campaign and also helps in determining the competitive environment. Some of the major Google search operators include site: which provides the publisher information about the number of pages of his web page that are indexed by Google. Sometimes there are discrepancies regarding the number of pages indexed and number of pages published. This must be sorted out immediately.

There are many other Google search operators like url, link, cache, info which give the publisher the detailed information regarding the published web page. Advanced search operators are being used by most of the professional SEO’s. In order to identify duplicate content, find potential keywords and find out the crawling of the site for SEO purpose these operators are very useful. The site command also gives the clear idea regarding the terms that the competitors are targeting. These operators reduce the number of tools that were required in the past for SEO purposes.

The time elapsed after the last caching of a page by Google can be known with the help of the cache command. The frequency of crawling of a page or a website is indicated by this command. In order to look for directory categories that have been crawling recently, the cache command is useful. By taking a part of the text from a page and searching it in Google within exact quotes the duplicate content on other websites can be identified. This will provide the result of multiple pages where the content is duplicated. The command allinanchor returns the pages which contain a specific keyword as a link. Websites which uses the keyword in its title tag is returned by the command allintitle.

The command inurl has many utilities but it is most commonly used for research purposes. For finding guest blogging spots which are the examples of potential linking opportunities the use of inurl command proves to be very effective. This command can be used in the form “Search Engine Optimisation inurl: guest blogging” on any website that is SEO relevant and it will provide the required information. The link command is another very useful and efficient Google search operator. The popularity of a link plays a very vital role in ranking of a webpage. So this command is used to determine the exact number of links that a webpage has and also the number of links required for improving its rank.

There is a lot of time involved in researching information from the web. This time can be curtailed by developing search skills which reduces the time required for searching particular information. All the Google search operators are very useful for a publisher to know the quality of the web page published and the rank of it. It also provides the clear idea regarding the competitors. This information helps the publisher to compare his work with the other web pages of the same type.

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