Link Building – What It Is and How Important It Is

Link building is one of the most crucial search engine optimization (SEO) components that enhance organic traffic volume in competitive industries. When adequately combined with other strong SEO foundations like excellent on-page optimization, content generation, user-friendliness, etc., link building will boost the domain authority of a website, increasing its rank in the SERP.

However, link building services is an intricate process that must be done in strict adherence to the webmaster guidelines. Also, there are several technical aspects to link-building that have to be taken care of.

This blog will address such requirements to offer you an in-depth insight into website link-building.

Let’s start!

What is Link Building or Off-Page SEO?

To state simply, link building is a process through which you get other websites to link back to your website. It is also referred to as the process of acquiring hyperlinks to your website from other sources. Link building helps users to navigate between different pages on the internet. Hence, it drives referral traffic and increases the authority of your website.


What is Link Building or Off-Page SEO?

Also, SEO backlinks are important factors by which search engines like Google, Bing, etc., discover new pages on the internet and determine their ranking with respect to specific keywords.

What Links Mean For Search Engines?

When a search engine crawls and indexes a webpage, they don’t just look at the page’s content. Rather the search engine also notes the number of links the page contains from external websites. In addition, they also review the quality of those external websites.

What Links Mean For Search Engines?

Backlinks from authoritative websites signal the search engine that a particular site has valuable resources worthy of citation and can generate quality information for the targeted readers. Links help a search engine understand:

  • The authority of a particular webpage
  • Authority of the website and
  • Relevancy of a particular site with respect to certain keyword searches

However, there is a right and a wrong way to generate backlinks. You must understand and apply the correct process to drive the desired results.

Why is it Important for SEO?

Backlink building is essential for SEO service because there is a direct correlation between the quality & quantity of the links to a site and the volume of search traffic it receives. It will improve the authority and trust of a website in the eyes of both the target audience and search engines.

Link building, when done right, will offer several search engine optimization benefits like:

  • Improve website visibility in SERP results
  • Brand awareness
  • Improve lead generation
  • Offers greater sales opportunities

Dos and Don’ts of Link Building

There are various types of link building processes. However, you must choose efficiently between the right and the wrong way.  Though Black Hat SEO techniques derive quick results, they defy webmaster guidelines and can subject your website to huge penalties in the future. Therefore, for a successful long-term result, you must follow White Hat SEO link-building tactics.

White Hat SEO link building is a process of generating hyperlinks organically to enhance your website’s ranking in search results. Some most recognized White Hat SEO technique includes:

  • Guest posting
  • Creating info-graphic contents
  • Commenting on authoritative blog posts
  • Using business listing and website directories etc.

On the contrary, Black Hat SEO link building is an unethical process of generating links to your website. If recognized by Google, it can severely impact your website’s ranking in the SERP results. Some Black Hat SEO link building strategies include:

  • Using hidden links
  • Practicing link schemes
  • Spammy links from low authority websites
  • Doorway pages
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Automatically generated content
  • Abusing structured data or anchor text etc.

Nofollow and Dofollow Backlinks

There are two ways of linking one site to another that are through DoFollow links and Nofollow links. While both of these link-building or off-page SEO tactics perform the same task, they tell a search engine two different things.

DoFollow link – A DoFollow link is helpful in terms of SEO. It functions by producing “link juice,” which means passing the authority of an origin site to the destination site. Thus, acquiring quality DoFollow link building services improves the authority of a website’s domain authority and rating, thereby ensuring its ranking in SERP.

NoFollow Link – On the contrary, A NoFollow link is a link that will not pass any authority from the origin website to the destination website. To make a link NoFollow, you will have to add rel= “nofollow” to the code linking a website. You should use a NoFollow link when you do not want to pass “link juice” or endorse a linked website. NoFollow links do not offer full SEO benefits. However, it generates traffic and can diversify a website’s backlink portfolio.


Nofollow and Dofollow Backlinks

How Will Link Building Benefit your Business?

There are various benefits of quality link building. Some most crucial ones are:

1. Referral Traffic

Properly executed link-building strategies not only help you earn “link juice” but also increase the volume of referral traffic. Hence, if you earn backlinks from websites that are relevant to yours, there are high chances that you will end up generating valuable leads and sales. Therefore, link building is not just limited to increasing rank in SERP. Rather, it is about acquiring potential customers too. If you can place the link of your website in front of an interested audience, it will improve the CTR and chances of business.

2. Brand Building

Good link-building examples have always helped in securing brand recognition and authority in front of potential customers in this extremely competitive digital marketing space.  Improving your business in a respective industry requires your brand’s name to be in the front face. To achieve this, you will need to invest in content marketing techniques that will contain highly valuable information for the target audience. For example, you can use such content in guest posting to generate quality backlinks. This will increase your website’s domain authority and brand recognition.

3. Customer Relationship

Link building is most often associated with outreaching other websites in a respective industry. Such outreach frequently relates to promoting a specific piece of blog or info-graphic that you have created. While the primary goal of such outreach is to secure quality backlinks, it helps build relationships with key influencers of a particular industry. Such relationships can, in turn, build your brand, promote your brand network and establish authority.

Few Link Building Strategies

With constant search engine algorithm updates, link building services have become an extremely intricate process. There are multiple ways to create successful backlinks. In the following section, we have enlisted some link-building strategies for your insight.

Mentions and Reviews

One of the best ways to earn quality links for your websites is through mentioning your website’s or brand’s products and services on social media. This will help increase the engagement of your target audience and thereby generate quality links and leads. Also, you can put your brand or website in front of popular market influencers or bloggers with large social media followings.

Links From Partners and Friends

Another way of generating backlinks safely is by asking your partners and friends in a particular industry to link to your website page. As discussed above, relevance matters a lot in backlinks. Therefore, links from your partners or friends who work in a similar industry will offer more value to your website than inbound links from any random site. It will consequently increase your website’s domain authority and improve its rank in the SERP results.

Promotion and Content Creation

To secure quality backlinks from quality websites, you must thoroughly focus on creating quality content. Ensue the blogs, articles, or infographics you create are highly informative and compelling. When you create unique, high-quality content, the kit will garner the reader’s interest. Hence, people will naturally want to cite your website as a reference through links. This will improve the authoritative value of your website in front of both your target audience and search engines.

Apart from this, some other effective link building services include:

  • Checking competitor backlinks with Ubbersuggest or another advanced tool.
  • Replicating the best links of your competitor
  • Keeping constant track of your backlinks
  • Focus on generating Editorial links from relevant sites. Etc.


Link Building Strategies


Link building has been a crucial part of search engine optimization service for a long time and is here to stay. Hence, link building or Off-page SEO services must be implemented properly. For organic search success, you must look after the various factors that contribute to the value of inbound links to your website.

Over the years, search engines like Google have updated their algorithms to check on spammy backlink securing techniques. Google always wants to serve its users with valuable content and therefore ranks websites only with quality backlinks from authoritative websites.

This blog offers you a complete insight into the question “what is link building, and why does it matter”. By following the enlisted points, you can certainly get a fair insight into the concept and importance of backlinks to your website and strategies to follow.

Ashwani has been actively involved in SEO services since 2005. His expertise and distinctive work approaches have made him one of the most experienced and trusted SEO experts in the industry. He is a certified SEO and Google Ads professional. He also has strong business development skills in advanced SEO, PPC, and digital marketing strategies.


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