9 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best Platform for SEO

A website’s main foundation is based upon a content management system. Hence, a lot depends on its capabilities in search engine optimization. That is why it becomes imperative to select the ideal CMS for your website to rank higher on the SERPs and fetch you a significant number of potential clients.

WordPress has gained the most popularity among optimization experts in the current scenario, and rightfully so. This is because WordPress SEO is comparatively more developed than most other CMSs in the market.

Keep reading to know why you should use WordPress instead of any other platform.

9 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best CMS for SEO

The following are some factors that make WordPress stand out among all the other CMS existing.

1. Easy to Use CMS

A great advantage of this platform is that it provides a backend that anyone can use. You do not need any professional training to understand and apply an array of optimization practices. In addition, you can create and update content on WordPress on your own without any web developer.

This is also why most websites are made on it, as it provides a chance to every individual to explore the world of websites and SEO. Moreover, search engines like Google love fresh and updated content which you can do effortlessly on this CMS.

Easy to Use CMS

2. SEO-Friendly Themes

WordPress has been in the market for almost two decades, so it knows what elements are a must in any website. And one such thing is your website’s theme on which its entire outlook is based. So, if it is not something that easily complies with your required SEO metrics, it is simply negatively affecting your site.

To ensure that does not happen and you can conduct WordPress search engine optimization with ease, the CMS has an array of SEO-friendly themes for you to choose from. The variety is so vast that you can create any type of site on this platform.

SEO Friendly Themes

3. Themes for Better Site Speed

Your site’s speed affects its traffic, bounce rate and conversion rate. This is because one out of every four visitors you get would abandon your site if it takes more than seconds to load completely.

The themes you get with WordPress do not have complicated elements and ensure your site loads faster. However, not every theme you come across will benefits your site in that way, and you would have to select the best WordPress theme for SEO and speed to achieve that.

Themes for Better Site Speed

4. User Experience

While user experience was already a concerning aspect of optimization, the recent introduction on Core Web Vitals has emphasized it. A great thing about this CMS is that it actively focuses on User Experience (UX).

Thus, it provides you with an array of customization options to ensure your site offers your target an experience like no other. This improved site experience, in turn, benefits your site with improved session duration time, better completion rates and significantly more page views.

Better User Experience

5. Awesome SEO Plugins

As of 2022, over 59,000 different WordPress plugins are available in the market for you to use and improve your website. These exist to make your optimization approaches even easier and more accurate to ensure you remain at the top of your SEO game.

You will find plugins to optimize images, check SEO-friendliness, create and assess survey forms etc. specific plugins that you must have to improve your WordPress SEO are:

  • Yoast
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • WPForms
  • Constant Contacts
  • SeedProd, etc.

Even though multiple promising plugins exist in the market, many load malicious elements. So always check these plugins before connecting them to your site.

6. Social Media Integration

Social Media plays a significant role in both marketing and optimization in the present world. You can create a unique presence for your site and communicate directly with your target audience. This way, you can create potential and loyal customers as well.

WordPress offers an array of solutions like SumoMe and Jetpack sharing that lets you integrate social media handles into your main account. Through that, you can send your traffic to your social media accounts and strengthen your marketing strategy.

Social Media Integration

7. Pretty Permalinks

One of the prominent reasons why WordPress is the best CMS or SEO is the fact that it lets you edit almost every aspect of it. For example, you can conveniently change the unattractive permalink of your website and replace it with something pretty.

Note that here “beauty and ugly” is not just dependent on how the URL looks in the eyes of your visitors but crawl bots as well. So, by integrating your targeted keyword and removing unnecessary characters, you are attracting crawl spiders as well, helping you rank better.

8. Mobile Optimization

As per BroadBandSearch in 2018, the share of online traffic from smartphones has increased by 222% from 2013. While it only consisted of 16.2% of the total traffic in 2013, it became nearly 52.2% by 2018. This number is only increasing, making mobile optimization significantly crucial.

WordPress and SEO are existing for an almost similar amount of time. Hence, with every advancement in optimization approaches, there are tools to achieve that on a WP website. And mobile optimization is no exception, as WordPress makes your site mobile-friendly without you having to do anything.

Mobile Optimization

9. Proper HTML Markup

Nothing matters if the Google algorithm cannot understand what you are trying to communicate. The platform creates easily understandable HTML pages for crawl bots to crawl and rank accordingly to ensure the same.

So if you are asking, “is your WordPress website SEO friendly” the answer is yes. This is because even though the platform itself is developed on PHP, it renders every page in HTML. And that is precisely what bots read when ranking pages.

Do You Need Professional Help?

Even though WordPress does almost the entirety of SEO for your website, it lacks the observation skills of the human eye. You might have hundreds of valuable tools in front of you; if you do not know how to use them, all of them are useless.

A professional would help you understand which approaches are for your business and which ones your website can do without.

For example, even though there are numerous plugins available, some can make your site slow by running unnecessary tasks at the back. You might have connected it with good intentions, but it will just negatively affect your site.

And with the expert assistance, you are just negating such adverse scenarios. However, if you feel confident, you can always explore “why wordpress is the best platform for web development” yourself.


WordPress did not become the most in-demand CMS simply because of its simple backend. Instead, it offers benefits that other platforms are still working on, separating it from the rest.

While the reasons mentioned above substantiate that WordPress is the best in the market, that is not it. If you happen to use WordPress SEO, you will see there is much more to it than what meets the eyes at a glance.

Also, if you feel that you are not confident enough, do not skip on the idea of creating a site on WP; just hire a professional for its optimization approaches.

Ashwani has been actively involved in SEO services since 2005. His expertise and distinctive work approaches have made him one of the most experienced and trusted SEO experts in the industry. He is a certified SEO and Google Ads professional. He also has strong business development skills in advanced SEO, PPC, and digital marketing strategies.


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