Do You Really Need a Facebook Business Page

The popularity of social networking sites is increasing. It has become common place for friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Teenagers spend much time browsing through these sites. Have you ever thought of utilizing these sites for business purposes? It may seem to be a bit awkward initially. However, the idea is great. Many business personalities are trying this strategy to give a boost to their companies. There are the number of social networking sites. Facebook is one of the popular social networking websites with record traffic. Originally it was designed only for making connections. It was not meant for business. That is why profile pages were created. The profile includes your personal information, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Businessmen suddenly noticed the extreme popularity of this site. They started designing profile pages only for their businesses. Soon, the number of business profiles increased to good level. More and more business personnel are using this medium for their business and trade.

Profile pages and their criteria are limited as compared to the huge requirements for business. Visitors need to send friend request and their request are confirmed after certain time. The process becomes a bit time-consuming. Users may lose interest soon. Before you start creating a profile for your business you need to make it sure that it suits your requirement. Take decision after enough consideration.

Difference between a personal profile and a business profile

Individual profile differs drastically from business profile. Personal profile is actually very personal. It includes information related to your personal life. Using it for business is against the norms of FaceBook. It is like your own house. One needs to knock at your door before coming in. As far as business is concerned your customers may feel a bit embarrassed to wait for long to know about your company or business. They want to enter right way. No delay is expected. Creating profile in FaceBook for business may make your customers suffer this problem. There is no option for instant gratification. To make them know about your business, you need to accept their friend request. It may happen that you are offline and busy with some crucial work and some visitors are eager to have a glance at your business profile. They may send friend request, but you could not manage time for logging in. Then they have to wait. They may lose patience. It may have adverse effect on your marketing goals. The process may take more than one day. They may have chosen someone else by the time you were not accessible. In this way you will lose potential client.

However, creating a business page in FaceBook may prove to be beneficial for you. . The visitors get the opportunity to view your page straightaway. They don’t need to wait for your approval. It is really a great way to attract traffic to your page. It is wrong to think that you cannot connect with all the clients you have met after you have created a business page. You can connect with them again.

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