Best SEO Tips for Moving Companies and Movers

Moving from one place to another is a hectic process that involves a lot of aspects. But one of the first things that individuals look for is a professional moving company to take care of all their belongings. Now, if you want to become the moving company that most people choose, you need to showcase how reliable and experienced you are. However, any effort you make towards proving your credibility is of no use if people do not even come across your website.

Hence, here are some effective SEO tips 2021 that will put your moving company prominently in front of your target audience and gain their trust.


Keywords provide a direction to your moving company’s website around which you build its content. However, here, you first need to understand your target audience and what they search for the most before listing the focus keywords for the site.

Conduct keyword research on your competitors’ websites to understand what they aim for and if those will benefit your company as well. Moreover, you also need to list down very targeted and long-tail keywords which help in improving the CTR and conversion rate.

Keywords Research

Try to find long-tail keywords for your site, as about 50% of Google searches contain more than four words. Also, make a list of LSI keywords or related phrases to further emphasize that your content is indeed about what the primary keyword states.


Once you have a detailed and filtered list of irrelevant and targeted keywords, the next thing is to optimize them. Create an SEO guide or strategy that you will follow throughout the entire optimization process.

The important areas where you need to put the selected keywords are:

  • Web Content
  • Title tags
  • Meta description
  • Website URLs
  • Image ALT tags
  • Site structure

While you need to put your targeted keywords in all these places, make sure you are not overusing them, as that feels forceful. Google always pushes website owners to create content for the readers. If it finds you stuff keywords to rank higher, it might penalize your site.

Hence, make sure you put them in meaningful sentences of your content and not use them excessively. Instead, use their synonyms as they also work as LSI for your content and help the same page rank on other important SERPs as well.


Moving businesses majorly require local SEO as a person from Minnesota will not avail moving assistance from a company in Texas. Google My Business listing is a great platform to convey crucial information about your company.

Your listing will show up when users conduct local searches associated with moving. Since 2011, local searches have increased by over 34%, and you can leverage this traffic through your GMB listing. This also helps in building your company’s credibility as GMB allows customers to leave reviews.

However, make sure to have updated and clear details about your company. Else, it can make it difficult for both Google and users to connect your business and the listing. You can take your citation up another notch by claiming your conversion rate.

Google My Business Listing Data



One of the crucial SEO tips 2021 for moving companies is to create the most engaging website design. A lot depends on your site’s dwell time, bounce rate, and customer interaction.


Website Design Data

To improve these, you need to simplify the navigation process actively; that is, one should reach their destination in about three clicks. Furthermore, about 46% of searchers stated that the thing they hate the most about browsing through mobile is poor loading speeds. Hence, you must create a responsive website design that quickly loads irrespective of the device.

Lastly, apply the Rule of Thirds in your site design to make it visually pleasing and maintain a balance in images. It is because most visitors create a perception about a website within the first second of their interaction.


Uninformative and complicated content will only confuse the visitors and not bring any substantial profit to your business. Thus, you should pay a significant amount of attention to the content you put forward for the traffic.

Searchers go through about 3-5 pieces of content on an average before they avail of a particular service or product. You need to become one of the first web pages they come across and then inform how your service will benefit them. Especially for moving companies, it is necessary that the content speaks how efficient and trustworthy their services are.

Developing a convincing copywriting and content marketing strategy can be tricky, and it is best if you outsource external assistance. To prove you are the best at moving things, hire people who are best at communicating that. Not only will it improve your website’s content quality from a reading perspective, but its optimization efforts will also become more effective.


Google puts a lot of importance on quality back-linking, and it is one of the top two ranking factors. It is, in fact, one of the SEO tips 2021 that you cannot afford to ignore as these signals also bring massive traffic to any moving company’s website.

A study done by Backlinko states that the number of link signals a site gets has the highest correlation to its SERP ranking. However, pay attention to the sites you get your leads from; unrelated and unnecessary backlinks can negatively affect your site.

Importance Of Link Building

If you want to gain substantial backlinks, create long-form content and actively engage your site with blogging. These practices have shown a significant surge in link signals compared to the sites that lack them. A simpler way of generating a number of great leads within a short time is hiring professional aid. SEO experts have been fetching leads for their clients throughout their career; they know what they are doing. Not only their leads would improve your site’s DA, but they will ensure those leads traffic in certain ways as well.


As of 2021, more and more people are losing their trust in advertisements. In a 2021 report, Edelman’s Trust Barometer stated that about 3 out of 4 individuals completely avoided advertisements.

In contrast, reviews have positively affected the revenue generation of businesses. According to a Search Engine Journal survey, the conversion rate of expensive products can increase by 360% due to reviews. The effect is similar for moving companies, and you, too, can improve the influx of customers by displaying reviews on your site.

But remember to keep a healthy balance of both negative and positive reviews on your website. If all of them are positive, visitors might think that they are forged and purposely written there by the owner. Also, according to a Power Reviews report from 2016, about 82% of consumers actively seek negative reviews. In another study done by a social commerce specialist, Reevoo, negative reviews improve both customer interaction and conversion rate.

Local Review

Make a review section on your website, ask your customers to review your services once they are done moving, email old clients for a testimonial, etc. Collect as many reviews as you can and showcase the best out of them.


Search Engine Optimization service is crucial for a moving company as it provides much-needed online exposure to it. SEO helps it rank higher, garner quality traffic to your website, and further assists in converting a good portion of them into customers.

It builds your company’s image and puts it in the most trustworthy light. With advertisements losing their grip on customer perceptions, it is an organic optimization approach that will lead your moving company‚Äôs site towards success in the short-term as well as long-term.

Other than that, its elements like backlinking, schema structured data, permalink, etc., are all to communicate with the AI at Google. Even though you essentially earn through your customers, if the crawler bots cannot understand the content, your page will not rank much high.


A moving company remains engaged in the crucial task of helping businesses or individuals move goods from one place to another. Such an agency needs to continuously improve core business operations to maximize profits. Therefore, it might be difficult to focus energy on conducting SEO as well. Hence, it would be ideal to opt for an expert instead.

Regardless, one can consider these tips mentioned above as a local SEO guide for moving companies. Locate the area you will serve, separate them into smaller sections and conduct research individually. This will give you a comprehensive idea about who are your potential customers and target their requirements better.

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Ashwani has been actively involved in SEO services since 2005. His expertise and distinctive work approaches have made him one of the most experienced and trusted SEO experts in the industry. He is a certified SEO and Google Ads professional. He also has strong business development skills in advanced SEO, PPC, and digital marketing strategies.


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