Google Ads Tips to Generate Quality B2B Leads

B2B PPC advertising is a method to generate authentic links in order to grow a business company. This digital marketing strategy is one of the most popular among those companies that seek those who are looking out for them.

B2B companies have a limited target audience when compared to B2C companies. This is because the former targets other companies instead of the general mass. Nevertheless, they strive to make the optimum use of this strategy to drive in more authentic leads.

Benefits of PPC Ads for B2B Companies

In recent times, most B2B digital marketers are seeking assistance from B2B PPC agencies for their business growth. This is another reason why a business owner must look beyond Google insights, and it requires an expert’s support. These are some of the benefits of using PPC for B2B companies.

Benefits of PPC Ads for B2B Companies

1) Quick Visibility and Traffic

Successful B2B PPC campaigns attract those who are genuinely interested in the products. This marketing strategy can be customized to target specific audiences to gain perspective conversion. Moreover, this strategy is unlike other marketing procedures. It provides almost immediate results when the ads are published.

2) Lead Generation

One of the primary purposes of PPC B2B is lead generation. Producing authentic leads for B2B companies is the highest priority because the sales flow is longer than B2C businesses. This is why small B2B companies are continuously seeking assistance in B2B PPC advertising.

Lead Generation

3) Specific Targeting

A major advantage of B2B marketing is specifying its target audiences. However, this is directly related to its type of business. Since the target audience is limited B2B PPC marketing method can focus on specific niches and persuade audiences. Thus, leading them to convert into reliable customers.

4) Budget Control

B2B PPC strategy is among the most cost-efficient marketing methods. Combining careful planning of expenses and strategic execution can help control the PPC budget. The cost for PPC advertisements is decided on certain parameters like ad quality score, campaign, budget, use of PPC tools, etc.

Budget Control

Tips to Generate More B2B Leads with PPC

1) Structure Your Campaigns Strategically

Some may feel that one campaign structure can fit perfectly with all campaigns. However, it is a common misconception. Experts in B2B services thus strategically plan and frame campaign structures for every ad copy. In this way, each of them is made unique.

Structure Your Campaigns Strategically

Earlier¬†professionals¬†used to follow the SKAG methodology, but with Google’s progression, its effect faded. Hence, most B2B PPC analysts now group keywords as per their relevance to have adequate data for each ad group.

The basic structure of a campaign includes:

  • Subheads
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Targets
  • Locations

2) Integrate Keywords as per the Search Intent

For impactful B2B PPC marketing, it is crucial to fulfilling the users’ search intent. The first step towards attaining this is to include relevant keywords.¬†Experts in B2B marketing¬†know how to conduct substantial research to understand the search intent.

Along with checking keywords density and volume, it is also necessary to find phrases that explain what the user is looking for. All these requirements come together at one point, i.e., to drive more traffic and eventually increase sales.

3) Improve Your Ad Quality Score

One of the essential B2B PPC tips to follow is improving Ad quality score. Recently, this trick has been trending among digital marketers because this score determines the position of ads on Google. The score is determined by the relevancy of keywords along with the quality of the ads.

The following are some specific factors that may impact these scores:

  • CTR:¬†Google checks if the click-through rate is high, it signifies users find the webpage relevant. Thus, providing a higher score.
  • Ad Copy:¬†Credibility of the ad copy is also necessary to secure a quality score. This score is also dependent on the keywords‚Äô inclusion in headlines and descriptions.
  • Landing Pages:¬†A well-written landing page increases the page’s dwell time. This is another scoring factor for Google. If the landing page reports more bounce rate, its quality score declines.

4) Use the Correct Keyword Matches

It has been observed that many B2B companies only focus on keywords that match their products or services. Hence, in this process, they often use keywords that fit with services but don’t serve the user intent.

Use the Correct Keyword Matches

The main aim of a B2B PPC ad is to reach its targeted audience and convert them to potential buyers. Thus, fulfilling the user intent is an important key. Hence, one must keep in mind to select the correct keywords for effective B2B PPC advertising.

5) Get Rid of the Negative Keywords

It is necessary to avoid negative keywords to create an impact on the advertising copies. In addition, find out which keywords to avoid and where not to appear. Negative keywords are those terms and phrases for which businesses don’t want to appear.

Get Rid of the Negative Keywords

Some paid search B2B services may use negative keywords which are somewhat similar to the main keywords. So, it reaches those who are searching for something else. Nevertheless, this practice is not healthy for a quality B2B company as it can have a worse impact on the company’s webpage.

6) Use Ad Copy to Pre-qualify Your Visitors

For accelerating quality leads, it is important to produce top-notch ad copies. In such a way, the visitors find no doubt about what the business offers.

Creating clear headlines solves most of the issues, as it conveys the function of the product as well as who it is for. To pre-qualify visitors, PPC experts incorporate answers to the following questions.

  • What kind of industry is it?
  • How much do they charge?
  • Who operates the business?
  • What is the size of the company?

Thus, enabling visitors to understand the website better and get persuaded to take action.

7) Take Advantages of Call Ads and Ad Extensions

Another trick is to benefit from the call ads and ad extensions. The former is designed in such a way that encourages visitors to call the business. Nevertheless, one must note that these are specific to devices that enable calling.

Take Advantages of Call Ads and Ad Extensions

Unlock the potential of B2B lead generation with expert Google Ads tips. Maximize ROI by targeting the right audience and optimizing your PPC campaigns.

Ad extensions stretch the PPC ad to include more information to give legitimate reasons to people to opt for the business. This increases CTR, hence impacting the number of quality leads. These include location, call buttons, specific parts of the website, etc.

Take Advantages of Ad Extensions

8) Curate Specific Landing Pages for Individual Ad Groups

Landing pages are equally important as the other attributes of PPC ads. However, unlike other web pages, these have a different purpose, to increase authentic leads. Hence, while framing a landing page for B2B business, one must carefully highlight the contact details than services and products.

PPC for B2B demands that the visitors can easily find the contact form. Therefore, PPC professionals create specific landing pages for different ad groups to address their services, processes, and communication details.

9) Alter Bid Adjustment for Different Devices

Among the other B2B PPC tips, altering bid adjustments according to devices is prominent. This is of higher priority requirements because it is directly related to user experience. Those who run PPC ads regularly know how its performance varies as per the device.

Alter Bid Adjustment for Different Devices

The way people use their mobiles, desktops, and tablets to research or purchase is different. Attributes related to this change are fat thumbs, widescreen, displayed UI, etc. Thus altering bidding is vital to address and revise strategies accordingly for huge campaign success.

10) Use Remarketing Campaigns Effectively

It is very common that the user who visits the website for the first time might not be ready for any actions. This is when B2B PPC strategies come in handy, and the process of remarketing is employed.

Moreover, in B2B marketing, it is difficult to convince visitors to convert right away. Instead, they will take time to analyze, compare and then revisit to take action. Using Google Ads, it becomes easier to find and retarget the visitors using Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (SLAs). Incorporating these B2B PPC campaigns thus boosts quality leads.

Use Remarketing Campaigns Effectively

Why Hire a B2B PPC Agency?

Hiring a B2B PPC agency is highly beneficial for B2B companies. The most popular advantages of hiring this service provider are listed below.

  1. Support from digital marketing experts.
  2. Substantial reduction in cost.
  3. Flexibility to develop marketing plans.
  4. Increase in significant leads.
  5. Maintains company growth.


Generating quality leads is essential for successfully running a B2B company. This is the reason why digital marketers have been seeking assistance from professional PPC agencies in recent times.

Though it requires continuous investment, it also compensates for it through impressive hike in ROI. So, you should too take advantage of its benefits and not let your competitors highjack your potential clients.

Ashwani has been actively involved in SEO services since 2005. His expertise and distinctive work approaches have made him one of the most experienced and trusted SEO experts in the industry. He is a certified SEO and Google Ads professional. He also has strong business development skills in advanced SEO, PPC, and digital marketing strategies.


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