Real Estate SEO: 10 Tips to Get More Leads in 2023

Real estate SEO is a marketing process to facilitate scaling organically. It has become essential for realtors to grasp digital marketing in recent times. This is because the traditional methods of cold pitching and long meetings are gradually becoming obsolete.

Moreover, real estate is a dynamic platform. Hence, its competition is quite high. For realtors looking for opportunities to be unique, this is the right time to get accustomed to real estate SEO services.

What is Real Estate SEO?

In simple terms, SEO for real estate agents is a process for appearing on the search results when someone explores to find a property online. This is why it has become important to have professional assistance to maintain an effective online presence.

Some people believe creating a website is the only key to appearing on the SERP, but it is not. Obtaining and holding a top position on the search results requires fulfilling several attributes. Thus, hiring a real estate SEO company is preferable.

Real estate SEO companies assist business owners with customized strategies that will benefit the realtors in multiple ways. Some of these include appearing in local searches, boosting traffic, and increasing revenue generation.

Why is Real Estate SEO Important for Agents, Realtors, And Investors?

SEO for realtors, agents, and investors is important because everyone wants their businesses to be seen. Thus, they prefer to have expert assistance in enhancing their online presence.


It has been observed that most potential buyers search for properties online. Hence, every real estate agent and investor must create a recognizable online footprint.

The search engine optimization marketing strategy sounds easy but includes several complex aspects. The following are some of the benefits of using SEO for real estate websites:

1. Creates Brand Awareness

Accurate application of real estate SEO marketing can help enhance a brand’s visibility. Since most people only check the first search page on Google, every business competes for this position.


Real estate search engine optimization is about strategically planning and fulfilling every SEO attribute ethically. This enables Google to discover a webpage and rank accordingly easily.

2. Drives More Traffic

Every user has a general tendency to not check beyond the first search results page. So, the competition lies in securing a rank on top of the SERP, which is only possible with expert SEO assistance.


Moreover, since users prefer to check the first few results, it is obvious that the top suggestions get more traffic. Thus, along with enhancing a brand’s online visibility, SEO services for real estate agents generate more traffic.

3. Generates More Leads

When a real estate website attracts more visitors, people realize the website is credible. So, they try to find ways to stay in touch for more information.

Generates Leads

They can either fill up the contact form and wait for the realtor to connect or subscribe to the newsletter. Hence real estate SEO agencies help in generating quality leads.

4. Enhance Conversions

Some realtors prefer to gain benefits organically rather than paying for ads. Nonetheless, it can only be achieved if an agent invests in the best real estate SEO.

Adopting the best real estate SEO strategy thus enhances the conversion of users to prospective customers. Furthermore, hiring professionals is more economical than opting for paid advertising services.

5. Gains Market Authority

When a website maintains a top rank on the SERP, other realtors in the market build trust in them. Therefore, by hiring the best SEO company for real estate, a realtor not only generates profit but also gains market authority.

However, it is important to understand these results do not come overnight. Real estate SEO experts produce content like blog posts, product descriptions, etc. That will help the audience keep visiting. Additionally, it also inspires other websites to get linked to this website.

Real Estate SEO Tips and Tricks to Generate More Leads

SEO for a real estate company comes with numerous advantages, and as a realtor, it is important to benefit from them. For instance, SEO can build trust among potential property buyers.

Here are some real estate SEO tips to generate more organic traffic leads.

1) Use Real Estate Keywords for SEO

The foremost SEO strategy for real estate is to research in-depth to find the right keywords. Since Google is an AI, it does not understand the physical market condition in the estate business. So, it is necessary to use relevant keywords to let Google understand real estate.


2) Implement Local SEO Optimization

Real estate is a location-specific business. Hence, it becomes crucial to gain prominence in the local regions. This is what can be done to enhance presence on local searches.

  • Get listed on GMB

For an improved local SEO for real estate, experts help get listed on Google My Business. This is crucial because prospective buyers rely on the list that appears on the SERP when they search for any services.

get listed on Google My Business

  • Include Relevant NAP Details

NAP stands for Name Address and Phone Number. As mentioned in the above sections, real estate SEO is highly location specific. Therefore, it is important to include accurate NAP details for easier accessibility.


  • Use Local Citations

Citations are considered the core ranking factor for local search results. However, it is important to submit accurate details to the directories that match with NAP. This is because Google uses these citations to verify the brand’s relevance.

Local Citations

  • Encourage Google Reviews

Google reviews are also essential to enhance the presence of online real estate businesses. Thus, every realtor must encourage their clients to leave feedback on Google to improve their chances of appearing on local searches.

Google Reviews online real estate businesses

3) Set up Geographic Landing Pages

Experts highlight setting up geo-location-specific landing pages while planning content for a real estate website. Search Engine Optimization for estate agencies drives prospective buyers, who expect to reach relevant landing pages that will lead to conversion. This is the reason why landing pages are a necessary attribute.

4) Complete a Website Audit

Business owners must complete website audits for an improved commercial real estate SEO. Real estate SEO experts stress website audits because it is crucial to know the website’s performance. Furthermore, regular audit reports can help know the brand where it lacks and how to recover.


5) Curate Unique and Quality Content

Every realtor must look to hire the best SEO for real estate that offers top-notch quality content. A significant aspect of ranking on top of the SERP is producing unique and good-quality content. Otherwise, copied or scraped content does not help any user.

6) Implement On-page SEO

This technique includes optimization of the content body and other related attributes. Like, such as optimizing meta tags, content titles, images, alt texts, URL slugs, etc. According to real estate SEO specialists, it is necessary to prioritize every attribute equally because they are all interrelated.


7) Build Relevant Backlinks

Relevant backlinks are a crucial element because they help navigate visitors to the host website. For example, in the case of SEO for the real estate business, experts strategically put backlinks in guest posts and comment sections. So that it helps prospective customers redirect to the main website.

8) Implement Technical SEO Enhancement

The best SEO agency also takes care of the technical aspects related to enhancing a website. Along with optimized content, one must also keep an eye on the content backend. Technical SEO checks whether the property listings are functioning, fixes issues with device responsiveness, etc.

9) Develop a Mobile-friendly Website

Another tip for generating genuine leads is to make the website mobile-friendly. The best SEO for a real estate website must be compatible with mobile devices. These are some of the requirements to fulfill for a smart device-friendly website.

  • Avoid using unnecessary plugins
  • Implement functional UI and UX
  • Include easy-to-read content structure
  • Use the¬† meta tags on mobile and desktop site


10) Optimize the Page Load Speed

In addition to generating traffic, experts need to check whether the website is capable of retaining consistency. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization for real estate agencies must consider how much time the site takes to load. If the time is higher than 2.5 seconds, it increases the bounce rate, negatively impacting the website’s lead generation.


Real estate SEO case studies have confirmed that it is necessary to combine these tips to promote authentic lead generation. Neglecting proper search engine optimization is not advisable in the dynamic real estate industry. Instead, create an online image that your target audience comes across often.

Ashwani has been actively involved in SEO services since 2005. His expertise and distinctive work approaches have made him one of the most experienced and trusted SEO experts in the industry. He is a certified SEO and Google Ads professional. He also has strong business development skills in advanced SEO, PPC, and digital marketing strategies.


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