Best 8 Tips for Doubling Your Google Ads Conversion Rate

It is common to expect more from your investments, no matter where. However, this expectation is hardly ever fulfilled without exerting substantial effort on your marketing strategy.

But this does not have to be the case all the time, and you can improve returns in certain aspects. One such aspect is Google Ads, which lets you reach your target audience with ease. However, the Google Ads conversion rate entirely depends on how excellent your marketing skills are.

What is the Conversion Rate?

Before you begin learning “how to increase conversion in Google Ads, you must understand what conversion rate means.

It is the average number of conversions for every ad interaction that takes place. You can calculate your site’s conversion rate by taking the number of conversions and dividing it by the number of ad interactions. Note that both numbers should be calculated at the same time to get an accurate rate.

This rate is calculated in percentage to help you understand what part of your traffic would probably convert into your customers.

Why High Conversion Rate is Important?

A high conversion rate suggests that there is a more significant number of people converting into your customers for every ad interaction. And since every strategy that you practice is to directly or indirectly induce sales, the higher this rate gets, the better.

This would mean a better return on investment and a higher yearly turnover for the company. So even though the rates do not mean you will guaranteed to get that many customers, it surely means a number significantly closer to it.

Average Conversion Rate

That is why marketers are always coming up with new strategies to improve their site’s average Google Ads conversion rate.

8 Tips to Double Your Google Ads Conversion Rate

Here are effective techniques to improve your rate of conversion and potentially double it for better sales.

1) Create Effective Landing Pages

Most marketers call landing pages the “hero section” of their website. This section works as the final connection before one purchases something. On average, you have about three seconds to capture your reader’s interest. Hence, you cannot leave any space for mistakes on these pages.

hero section Landing Pages

To make them effective, use elements like:

  • An attractive banner text. This will also let your visitors know that they are at the right place with just a glance.
  • Proper usage of key phrases from the AdWord.
  • A detailed infographic that conveys your targeted keyword or its theme.
  • Thorough usage of power words to motivate your traffic towards conversion.
  • Impactful call to action (CTA) statements.

You can also use images to represent that particular service or product in some cases.

2) Organize Ad Groups and Keywords

You can also enhance conversions through Google Ads by targeting the right kind of keywords for your business.

Understand that Adwords is a paid marketing approach, and paying for unnecessary keywords will only increase your expenses, not your profit. Instead, determine which phrases and words your targeted audience searches the most and which words you would want to rank for.

Then organize ad groups to communicate a consistent message across all the word groups you have made.

google ads account structure Ad Group and Keywords

Think of these groups to be containers for your ad campaigns and organize them before their launch. This will help you project a more precise idea and garner a better audience.

3) Use Specific &Targeted Keywords

Another great way to leverage keywords is by targeting a particular one and directing all the efforts towards it. But, again, you do not want to confuse Google or your audience and only want the right people to reach your site.

Using specific keywords that match what you provide will ensure only interested individuals come across your site. This means many people in that traffic already have the mindset to purchase; you will only have to provide them with it.

So, if you are wondering ‚ÄúHow to improve your conversion rate in Google Ads“, paying attention to the keywords you use in your campaign is a good start.

4) Use Negative Keywords to Refine Your Traffic

Just like you want your potential customers to find you, you must ensure that uninterested people do not stumble upon your ads. So, just like you made a list of targeted keywords, make a list of phrases you do not want to rank for.

Negative-Keywords-Examples to Refine Your Traffic

This can become tricky as sometimes these phrases are not clearly defined. However, an excellent way to locate them would be to see what phrases fall under your business umbrella, but you do not offer assistance for.

For example, you offer “salon services”; however, all your services are related to hair and make-up, so you will have to put things like “manicure” in your negative keyword list. This will significantly reduce your site’s bounce rate and increase Google Ads conversion rate.

5) Align Ad Copy with Landing Pages

The biggest marketing mistake is thinking that your AdWords are just a clickable link. But your audience reads that, and only if it meets their requirements do they click on it. So, your AdWord and the landing page connected to it must communicate the same idea.

landing page connected Ad Copy with Landing Pages

This is not at all difficult; start with incorporating the same keyword. Then write your ad as if it is an extension of your landing page. The meaningful clicks that you get due to aligned content will also improve the quality score.

And this score plays a significant role in increasing the conversion rate in Google Ads. So, make sure you write the AdWords just like you have written content for organic SEO.

6) Refine Your Audience Targeting

Not every business appeals to every part of the country or every age group. So simply sticking to keywords for your niche might not work for your business. Instead, analyze which areas would be interested in what you offer and what demographic it is for.

Then based on these two pieces of information, you need to refine your target audience by incorporating location-specific keywords. You will also need to include your target audience’s vocabulary to make it more relatable.

You can also incorporate the idea of removing negative keywords here and bid all the regions where you do not wish to rank as negative. This way, you only appear on the SERPs with your target audience and significantly improve your Google AdWords conversion rate.

7) Effective Use of Ad Extensions

Sometimes a basic Adword is not enough to explain everything you have to offer. In such cases, you can use ad extensions and attract traffic more effectively.

These extensions provide added information about your products and services, giving your audience more reasons to select you over others. This ensures a reasonable conversion rate for Google Ads; it further hones their interest in your site.

Use of Ad Extensions

Some of these extensions are:

  • Additional text
  • Information about the location
  • Call to action buttons
  • Internal links to specific parts of your site.

You can use them in your ads as per requirement. However, do not overdo these as that can have an adverse effect on your target audience.

8) Leverage Remarketing as a CRO Tool

Conversion rate optimization or CRO can substantially benefit your site. However, you can also use a counterintuitive method and remarket as a CRO tool.

To see an effective change in your site’s digital marketing, target individuals who have already come across your site. This will re-emphasize your existence in their mind and might also end in fetching older clients.

As much as you want to get new customers, you must have a hold on your existing customers as well. You can understand who has already seen your content and enhanced conversion by tracking Google Ads.

This might seem a little challenging if you are new to digital marketing. If that is the case, it is best to hire professionals to remarket your content.

Use Remarketing Campaigns Effectively


Even though people claim that SEO or organic ranking is the best way to fetch customers, Google Ads also play a significant role. So instead of sticking to just one, you should approach both simultaneously.

However, you might not see a significant difference in your ROI by just publishing ads across multiple SERPs. Therefore, if you want to see a substantial increase in your Google Ads conversion rate, you must implement it with a proper strategy.

Use the tips mentioned above as your guide to improve and potentially double your conversion rate with Google Adwords.

Ashwani has been actively involved in SEO services since 2005. His expertise and distinctive work approaches have made him one of the most experienced and trusted SEO experts in the industry. He is a certified SEO and Google Ads professional. He also has strong business development skills in advanced SEO, PPC, and digital marketing strategies.


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