How to Grow WordPress SEO Results with a Professional SEO Agency?

What started as a blogging platform is now the most used CMS across the world, with more than 64 million live websites. If you own one of these 64 million websites, understand your competition is not only with these but the other sites out there on the internet as well.

Even though the CMS is extremely user-friendly and one can use it without any prior experience, it will not take them to the top. It is because not only are other WordPress users doing the same, but they are also using search engine optimization to improve their chances of ranking.

If you want to surpass them with your website, you have to use the #1 secret weapon that has made many sites successful. This secret is WordPress SEO assistance from a professional agency.

Why Do You Need Professional WordPress SEO Services?

You might wonder, why you should go out of your way to avail professional services when WordPress itself is extremely SEO-friendly. It is because even after providing all that this CMS has to offer, it does not understand what a particular website requires. Through professional website SEO services, you get:

  • Experienced Insights

Throughout their careers, SEO experts have provided services to several websites that were not essentially similar in nature. Through these optimization efforts, they have gained knowledge which they now use to benefit their clients.

  • Professional Point of View

It is necessary that you have a third party assess your website and suggest what would be the best for it. Having a professional perspective will help you take actions that you would have otherwise not even thought about!

  • Knowledge About the Market

When selecting a WordPress SEO agency for your website, make sure it has been in the business for a considerable amount of time. Since the trends and ranking requirements are ever-changing, you must be guided by someone who can predict these changes and make the required updates. This is only possible if the agency has been working in the market for a significant amount of time and has clear knowledge about it.

Knowing About the Market in negative or positive way

  • Better Research Efficiency

SEO agencies usually have a dedicated team for every aspect of strategy making. It is a given that a group of professional optimization experts will have better efficiency in research. It is the research based on which the entire optimization plan is framed. So, the more accurate your data is, the better will be. Hence, it will be unwise to take chances when you already know the solution.

How to Select the Right Service Provider for Your Website?

When selecting a WordPress SEO service provider, you need to understand that there are several companies out there offering splendid services. However, you need to select one that suits your work style and website theme. So, look for the following pointers when searching for your ideal WordPress SEO agency:

  • They Have Clear Knowledge

It is these foundational techniques that remain unchanged while other tactics are dependent on the current trends. So, before you start working with a particular company, have detailed discussions with it to see if its basics are sharp or not.

  • Understand Your Business Type and Style

As mentioned above, your agency must understand the type of business you have to provide proper assistance. Check their portfolio to see if they have worked with similar business structures before.

  • Has a Long List of Success Stories

When selecting an optimization agency, you must go through their case studies to understand if they can provide what they promise. You can also talk to their previous customers to assess their success better.

  • The Company is Under Your Budget

Lastly, they should offer you the services you require under the budget you can afford. Going out of your way to avail of certain benefits will not actually end up being advantageous for you in the long run. You do not need to compromise with quality assistance, and you will find several companies offering a wide range of services at an affordable price range.

What Services Should You Get From A WordPress SEO Agency?

A proper professional SEO agency will offer the following WordPress SEO services:

  • WordPress Speed Optimization

Google pays great attention to page loading speed as visitors tend to leave if the page takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. Thus, speed optimization is an important service that a professional must provide.

Average Speed Optimization

  • Content Development Strategy

In general, a user reads about 3-5 posts or content pieces before communicating with customer service. Thus, framing a compelling content development strategy is one of the foremost parts of WordPress SEO, not a secret but certainly something that needs professional assistance for the best results.

Content Development Strategy

  • Link Profile Analysis

Broken links, misspelled links, etc., can drastically drop the SERP rank of your website. So, always look for agencies that provide proper and routine link profile analysis.

  • Google Analytics Configuration

Google is the most important search engine at present. If the company is incapable of offering proper Google Analytics configuration assistance, you should look for another one that does.

  • URL Optimization

The URL is highly responsible for improving a web page’s visibility, making its optimization a must-have service.

URL Optimization

  • Installation of SEO Plugins

The CMS is known for its compatibility with about 55,000 different kinds of plugins. However, each website only needs a few to function ideally. Your agency should know which SEO plugin is important for your website and assist you with its installation.

  • XML Sitemap Management

Crawl bots decrease the rank of sites that they cannot navigate properly. Hence, the WordPress SEO agency you choose to work with should offer this service.

XML Sitemap Management

  • Detailed SEO Reporting

While every SEO agency offers routine reporting of the site’s performance, it is the details they provide that differentiate professionals from novice ones.

  • Monthly Review and Strategy Calls

Since online trends tend to change very frequently, monthly reviews can prove to be very helpful. Also, if the company makes adequate strategy calls based on those reviews, you will see significant changes in your website performance.

These services mentioned above are the basics that the company you choose to partner with should offer. However, to remain way ahead of the others, you need to find a company that offers something extra.

Some Additional WordPress SEO Services You Should Avail To Standout

Listed below are some key services that will help you optimize WordPress results and take it up a notch.

  • Adding The Site To Google Search Console

Adding The Site To Google Search Console

This will benefit your site in several different ways, such as improving its search appearance, organic search, and HTML. It will also help you monitor link reports, crawl through your website, and receive website messages.

  • Indulging in the Comments

If your website allows visitors to leave comments or reviews, it is crucial that they feel heard. Since you also need to handle your entire business, it might become troublesome for you to reply and communicate with the visitors actively. So, if your SEO agency can offer this service, it will both improve engagement and show your visitors how much your company cares about its customers.

  • Local SEO

About 46% of Google searches are for local information. Hence, local SEO is a must if you want to garner nearby customers to your offline store. Do not overlook such a crucial part of optimization and ask your partner company to assist you with that.

Local SEO

  • Nofollow Implementation

While providing ranks, Google only considers the backlinks that have come from relevant sources. However, there are several websites with superb organic traffic¬†influx, which can improve your site’s traffic as well. Hence, your WordPress SEO agency should know where to implement nofollow and use dofollow for optimum ranking results.

Adding The Site To Google Search Console

Once you know what to look for in your ideal SEO company, the only question that is left is how you will find the ideal agency for your website.


Hence, with proper WordPress SEO assistance, you can be sure of getting more website visitors, increasing leads and sales, and most importantly, achieving your marketing goals without paid advertising. Now that you know the #1 secret to a successful WordPress SEO approach, do not wait any longer and search for the right agency for you. Remember to look for the services that will benefit your website the most and ensure they have the adequate experience to provide that.

However, the one thing you should not look for is fast optimization results. SEO is a time-consuming process; any company claiming to provide otherwise is not using ethical measures and will only negatively affect your website. Google strictly condemns such practices, and you must make it a point to stick to only White-Hat SEO by all means.

So, make the most of this secret and search accordingly. Feel free to ask as many questions as possible before deciding on the best possible SEO agency for your website. After all, your website’s online image is on the line, and there shouldn’t be any compromise there.

Is there anything that you’d like to add? Feel free to drop your comments below.

Ashwani has been actively involved in SEO services since 2005. His expertise and distinctive work approaches have made him one of the most experienced and trusted SEO experts in the industry. He is a certified SEO and Google Ads professional. He also has strong business development skills in advanced SEO, PPC, and digital marketing strategies.


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